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Friday, December 15, 2017 by Taylor Backes

UPDATE: How to Prepare Your Baby for Their First Parent-N-Me Class

Waylon PT4.jpgIf you were able to read my blog from a month ago, you might be wondering how my six-month old son’s Parent-N-Me class went. Did I prep enough? Did he end up liking it?  Well, I will tell you that the swim class not only exceed my expectations it actually brought me closer to my husband. I know that sounds strange so let me take some time explain.

Toddler Swim Lessons at SafeSplash Swim School

I made the executive decision (as most mom’s do) that I would have my husband be in the water with our baby for the first swim class. He is not a stellar swimmer so deep down I kind of thought, “Hey, maybe this will be educational for him as well!” All jokes aside, I figured it would be a good bonding experience for my two favorite boys. It was truly one of the sweetest moments that I have ever experienced Waylon PT2.jpgwith husband. Getting to watch him play with our little guy and make him feel comfortable in the water warmed my heart. There was an especially sweet moment when our son just rested his head on my husband’s shoulder as my husband facilitated “little kicks”. It was in this moment that I realized a couple things about my relationship with my husband.


First, looking back over the last six months, we absolutely had no idea what we were doing as first time parents. There is a lot of trial and error, pure exhaustion, and moments where you just hope you didn’t scar your little one for life.  Through it all, we have gotten this far because we are a team. Having your first child is an adventure to say the least, but being committed to the journey together from the beginning is the key. I feel grateful that we have worked together to become the best parents we can, while being realistic that we have plenty to learn.


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Seeing my husband in the pool with our son was a moment where I reflected on the past six months. Our baby is starting to be more animated and interactive. During this lesson, it really dawned on me that this tiny human has taught us how to be less selfish and more thoughtful about how we want to spend our time and our money. Before having a baby, our Saturdays mornings were spent recovering from a fun Friday night on the town or sleeping in after a busy week at work. Waylon PT1.jpg Now, we are up bright and early with our little one and it feels like a perfect life.

Adding lessons to our Saturday morning has added a great routine for our little family.  It also is so much fun that our son is usually passed out in his car seat before we have left the parking lot!  This gives my husband and I some time to talk about how much fun the lesson was and plan what we want to do the rest of the weekend. Who would have thought swim lessons would be able to create calm in our life, but it has done exactly that!

Life Skills

I’ve heard people say that starting a baby in lessons at six months seems like a waste of money because they are too young to complete most of the skills. However, my husband and I both agree that the time we spend in water each week is teaching our son even more skills than swimming. In our class there is lots of singing, counting, and he is interacting with other kids. This “water classroom” is teaching our little guy communication and social skills. It’s certainly worth the investment in our eyes! Investing in activities, like swim lessons, sets the stage not only for family time but also a skill that will enhance my son’s life. There is certainly no harm in getting your baby active in physical activities at a young age.


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Needless to say, our Parent-N-Me class was a success! As crazy as life gets with a new baby, it’s important to capture and appreciate these moments with your family. It’s a wonderful feeling to see the bond between your partner and your child---swim lessons might be where you find it.


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