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Swim Lessons

At SafeSplash, we believe swimming is a life skill®.  Therefore, we approach each one of our swim lessons with great skill, care, passion and individual attention.  When learning at SafeSplash, every student gets the benefit of a curriculum that has been tested and proven over 7 million times in our schools throughout the country. In addition, each student gets the benefit of learning a curriculum that has been designed by a team of world class swimmers and with the help of Olympic Champion and professional swimmer, Missy Franklin.  

Experience what it's like to take swim lessons at SafeSplash by watching our video, SafeSplash Lessons from a Kid’s Perspective to get the full underwater experience! 

The SafeSplash teaching philosophy is based on four core components:

  • Progressive curriculum focused on water safety, swimming basics and the four core swimming strokes
  • SafeSplash CertifiedTM instructors
  • The SafeSplash MatchTM - our commitment to match our teaching style to the needs of the student
  • Splash-N-TellTM

SafeSplash Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed by a team of world class swimmers with over 30 years of teaching experience. We have the most up-to-date swimming technique to teach students how to swim the correct way right from the beginning! In addition to teaching water safety to every swimmer, our goal is to teach confidence in the water that will translate to all parts of your swimmer's life. Whether the goal is water safety skills or competing at an elite level, our program is designed to teach all ages and abilities. Our curriculum consists of 12 unique teaching levels, and uses a progressive teaching approach that allows for your swimmer to learn to swim comfortably at an individual pace while creating a learning environment that is not only fun, but allows for maximum skill retention.  We are fiercely passionate about swimming and we are excited to take your swimmer from bubbles to butterfly!

  • ParentTot 1: Parent and child work together to develop the foundational skills crucial for learning to swim and promote safety in the water. (Ages 6-18 months; with parent)
  • ParentTot 2: Parent and child work together to develop the beginning swimming skills crucial for learning strokes and promote safety in the water. (Ages 1.5-3 years; with parent).
  • Toddler Transition 1: Class focuses on fundamental swimming and safety skills while learning how to safely be a part of a group class. Parents may stay poolside for safety purposes to ensure the child is following class rules. (Ages 2-3 years; parent poolside) 
  • Toddler Transition 2:  Class focuses on fundamental swimming and safety skills while learning how to safely be a part of a group class. In this class, swimmers must be completely independent of the parent. (Ages 2-3 years) 
  • Beginner 1: Swimmers learn the basic safety skills, blowing bubbles through the mouth and nose, front and back float, as well as the beginning arm and kicking movements for freestyle. For students with no prior swimming experience, or are scared of the water. (Ages 3+ years)
  • Beginner 2: Swimmers develop basic freestyle and independent backstroke skills, and build on water safety. For beginner swimmers who have had prior swimming experience and are comfortable in the water. (Ages 3+ years)
  • Beginner 3: Swimmers begin to learn freestyle side breathing with assistance, develop backstroke technique, and build on water safety skills. (Ages 3+ years)
  • Intermediate 1: Swimmers learn independent freestyle side breathing, develop backstroke technique, and are introduced to breaststroke beginning with the kick. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Intermediate 2: Swimmers continue developing freestyle and backstroke technique and endurance, learn the complete breaststroke by adding arm and breathing skills, and introduced to butterfly beginning with the kick. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Intermediate 3: Swimmers will accomplish learning butterfly by adding the arm pattern, proper timing and breath control, and continue to refine technique and build endurance for all four strokes. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Advanced 1: Swimmers focus on improving technique and gaining endurance and develop competition skills such as starts, turns, and streamlining. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Advanced 2: Swimmers focus on improving endurance and refining race techniques including breakouts, finishes, and IM turns. (Ages - based on swim ability)

Click here to determine your child's swim lesson level.

In addition to these curriculum levels, SafeSplash offers camps and swim team conditioning programs on a seasonal basis.  Check the site for the location nearest to you for details.

SafeSplash CertifiedTM InstructorsSS_Certified_Stamp_2017_300x300.ai-01.png
Every one of our SafeSplash CertifiedTM instructors is a true professional.  We go to great lengths to ensure that each instructor has been trained and certified in all aspects of our curriculum and is qualified to deliver only the best swim instruction experience to each student.  Our instructors are not certified to teach SafeSplash lessons until they have completed an extensive training program, complete a series of certified instructor shadowing sessions and complete in-water instruction testing.  At SafeSplash, SafeSplash CertifiedTM means quality, professionalism and knowledge that your student is learning from the best in the industry.

The SafeSplash MatchTM
Thinking back to grade school, we all can remember what it feels like to learn from a teacher we love, a teacher that is great match.  They teach in a language and style that resonates with us.  They teach in a manner that we understand. While different teachers can teach the same topic, the manner in which a teacher teaches makes the difference in our learning.  

At SafeSplash we understand a great match makes a big difference.  Our proprietary approach to assigning instructors to classes allows us to match each student to an instructor's style.  We call this the SafeSplash MatchTM.  Our match is truly special.  It gives a student the benefit of learning the SafeSplash curriculum where it is delivered in a style that is comfortable and fun for the student.  Our matching technique optimizes learning, fun and progression in a way where the expectations of both the parent and student are exceeded.  

Ever wonder what these skills are and what your child is working on?  Does your child look forward to showing you the great things they are learning as they develop?  There is nothing more fun than experiencing that feeling of pride in your child when they show you something they've accomplished.  Every month, all parents are invited out to the pool for Splash-N-TellTM to see exactly what their child is working on and interact with their child's instructor.