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Behind the Badge

May 18, 2016

The first thing most people ask when they find out what my other half does for a living is “Oh, what’s that like?”. This question used to catch me off guard because there aren’t many circumstances in which that would be the response to someone’s profession but as with everything that comes along with being involved with law enforcement, I am quickly adapting to this new way of life. I will start by saying that I do not come from a law enforcement family and the extent of my experience with police officers was limited to being pulled over for going a tad bit too fast, (oops), so the differences in my life are many. Through the course of our relationship, Mr. O was not always a police officer so I’ve gotten to see the differences in being in a relationship with a regular 8-5 working man and a law enforcement officer. So without further adieu, this is what it is like to be the woman behind the man with the badge.

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