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Thank You For Participating in the 'I Swim Because' Contest!

June 08, 2017

Learning to swim is a defining experience in a child's life, an experience that creates lasting memories similar to learning to ride a bike.  But unlike riding a bike, swimming is important to your child's safety and development.  At SafeSplash, we understand...swimming is a life skill®. We also understand that swimming develops into a true passion for many; This is why we wanted to know what inspires you to swim!

THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the 'I Swim Because' contest! We had an amazing turnout and learned why many of our peers and students swim. We saw some truly inspiring individuals sharing why swimming is close to their heart.

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The Best Way to Teach Kiddos to Swim

March 22, 2017

"I've always been fortunate in that I've been able to put myself in my own zone and relax. It comes naturally. I'm lucky to be that way" - Michael Phelps

Kids, like the rest of us, all have their own learning style. Some of us learn through what we see. Some learn by recalling what we have heard. Others learn through imitating examples. Part of the job of a swim instructor is learning and identifying how children and students are processing information as they try to learn or hone a new skill. How can we facilitate that learning and give them the best swim instruction? How can we communicate with a student in their 'own zone' and help them naturally excel? The first step often comes in recognizing there is a definite way some students learn.

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What Are Swim Schools Thankful For This Year?

November 26, 2015

It's Thanksgiving Day.  As I wait for the festivities to start, I find myself thinking about what the swim school industry has to be thankful for this year.  It definitely has been a year of great change and progress for swim schools.  Here's my top 5 list of what swim schools have to be thankful for:

  1. Kids:  One of the best aspects of the swim school industry is kids we get to work with every day.  Building confidence, social development and water safety skills on a daily basis with our kids is incredibly rewarding!  The smiles we get to see during and after each lesson are the best.  A big thank you to our parents for trusting us daily with your most valuable possession, your kids.  We take that responsibility very seriously.
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