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Thursday, November 26, 2015 by Matt Lane

What Are Swim Schools Thankful For This Year?

It's Thanksgiving Day.  As I wait for the festivities to start, I find myself thinking about what the swim school industry has to be thankful for this year.  It definitely has been a year of great change and progress for swim schools.  Here's my top 5 list of what swim schools have to be thankful for:

  1. Kids:  One of the best aspects of the swim school industry is kids we get to work with every day.  Building confidence, social development and water safety skills on a daily basis with our kids is incredibly rewarding!  The smiles we get to see during and after each lesson are the best.  A big thank you to our parents for trusting us daily with your most valuable possession, your kids.  We take that responsibility very seriously.
  2. Great customers:  We are blessed to work in an industry where swim lessons are in high demand.  Nearly every parent believes it is important to teach their child how to swim at some point...it is hard to disagree with the notion that swimming is a life skill®.  That makes swim school services of benefit to nearly every family on the planet.  Who wouldn't love to work in an industry like this?  We get to make a lasting positive impact on the families we serve on a daily basis!  Thank you parents!
  3. Great instructors:  "Where do I find the best swim instructor?" is a question parents have asked for generations.  With the proliferation of swim schools throughout the country this year, the answer is easy.  Your best swim instructor isn't any further away than your local swim school.  Highly trained professional swim instructors are available right next door.  SafeSplash has over 83 locations throughout the country, each with SafeSplash Certified® instructors.
  4. Technology:  It sounds strange to think that technology makes a difference in teaching swimming, but the reality is that it makes a huge difference.  Technology is giving companies like SafeSplash the ability to improve customer service levels, streamline booking and billing processes and  make great matches between instructors and students.  And technology is helping customers easily answer questions like, "what is the best swim school?",  "where is the best swim instructor?" or the "where is the best indoor pool?" in their neighborhood.
  5. Online customer reviews.  Customer reviews are fantastic.  They help customers know who is great and who needs to improve.  They help all of us improve our service levels and know what to work on.  Yes, the occassional negative review can be hard to handle, but they are a reality of today's online world and are typically few and far between if you treat your customers well.
Bottom line, I'm thankful that I work in an industry that makes such a big difference in the lives of families and kids!  Register your child for swim lessons at your local swim school.  Hopefully that will be SafeSplash, but if its not, let us know and we'll work on bringing one to you!