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Wednesday, June 29, 2016 by Rachel Newmark

Household Management

They don’t teach you how to manage your household in home economics (remember those home economics classes in middle school and high school?).  There are no college courses in how to manage the kids, a spouse, household errands, a job and every other thing that the world throws at you.   Even “super-moms” can get overwhelmed.   Here are a few tips that I have found to help keep the house and family organized and on track.

  1. First, clean up as you go.  When you see things that need to be cleaned or organized, do it right away.  A couple minutes at a time is much better than hours later after things accumulate.  Put laundry away right after it is washed.   Clean/put the dishes in the dishwasher immediately after dinner.  Leaving them in the sink only prolongs the inevitable cleaning later.  Have the kids put their toys away after playing with them.  Toys multiply quickly and after an hour of play time, your family room could look like a tornado went through it and leaving it to the end could cause hours of clean up.swim_lessons_put_toys_away.jpg
  2. Second, calendar and chart kids’ activities and events. By keeping a master chart of what each child has to do, with specifics like dates, locations and needs, you won’t feel overwhelmed.  Even calendaring when you will do your errands, like going to the supermarket, repainting a wall or helping kids with projects, will help to keep you focused and on track.  Swim_Lessons-household_management.jpg  
  3. Third, stay ahead of what needs to be done so you are not struggling at the last minute.  Take out kids’ clothes for the next day as you are tucking them in each night.  Pack lunches the night before school.   When going on a trip, pack days in advance to allow time to think about what you need and don’t need.  All of these pre-planning tools will allow you to have peace of mind that you have everything you need and avoid being frazzled at the last minute.Swim_lessons_outfits.jpg

Keeping your home well managed will save you time and aggravation.