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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 by Sarah Garcia

Don’t Fall Back! The Benefits of Continuing to Build on Your Swim Progress

It’s winter and it’s cold, dark and all you want to do is stay warm! We get it! It’s hard to get out and take your kids for swimming lessons. But did you know there are many benefits of swimming lessons during winter?

Swimming During Fall and Winter

Cooler months means restless kids. During winter, kids aren’t able to run around and stay active because of the cold weather, swimming while being in an indoor environment is a great way to remain fit and a sure way to keep those energy levels maintained without having to be in the cold weather.

Year-round swimming builds stronger immune systems which makes children more resilient to stress and illness. It is an old wives’ tale that children who have ‘wet hair’ or who ‘go out into the cold’ get sick. Therefore, parents withdraw their children from swimming classes when the temperatures drop to help avoid illness, however, children who swim throughout winter are far less likely to catch colds and the flu.


Watch 'SafeSplash Lessons from a Kid’s Perspective'

At SafeSplash even on gloomy winter days, it’s always a nice day for a swim. To keep our students comfortable, we keep our pool water at a constant temperature of 86-87 degrees.


Year-Round Retention

Continuing swimming lessons year-round helps to maintain and build confidence and independence. A discontinuation of lessons through the winter months typically results in a decline in a child’s confidence and independence in the water, as well as a drop in technique and stamina, within a period of several weeks or even less. When you enroll your child in swim lessons only during warmer months, they may not have the kills already set up for that current year's water activity. They may forget the things they learned which means you’ll need more summers of lessons to get back to the level they were.


Find Your Class Level!

Repetition is crucial for long-term skill retention. Children need to maintain and reinforce existing skills to advance and develop their ability in the water. Months of summer lessons end up going to waste as swimmers lose their feel for the water.


Continue Learning Life Skills

Swimming gives your child advantages across other life skills. Swimming has been proven to assist in brain development and for school-aged children, is regarded as vital for the development of academic performance as well as coordination, motor skills, balance and concentration. Six months out of the water across the winter’s break can lead to problems such as fear of the water and a decline in performance.

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Poor weather makes it hard to get out of the house and be active. Many families look for indoor activities for their kids during winter. Winter swim lessons burn off energy, cures cabin fever, and gets them ready for nothing but fun by the pool in the summer.

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Sarah Garcia is an instructor at SafeSplash Las Vegas