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Monday, June 13, 2016 by Megan Coney

Why I Love Crawfish Boils

SafeSplash_Crawfish_Boil.jpgGrowing up in Louisiana, you get used to a spring culinary staple, crawfish.  Eating crawfish in Louisiana is equivalent to lobster in Maine, or cheese steak in Philadelphia.  The great thing about eating crawfish is that it is typically a social activity.  You do not see many people picking up crawfish to go, and eating it in front of the television.  A crawfish boil brings people together, whether it is to celebrate a special event, or a casual Sunday afternoon.  My favorite thing about attending crawfish boils is the family and friend bonding.  The last boil I attended lasted over 5 hours, where we ate, drank, our children played, and we enjoyed the great outdoors and each others company.  Crawfish boils are more than just a great meal; they are a reason to bring your family and friends together, and to take time out of our busy schedules to just enjoy each other. 

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