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Saturday, February 02, 2019 by Anna Criswell

Why I Keep Posting My “Perfect Pictures”

Before my kids were born, I rarely posted on social media. Once my first was born, he was (in my mind) the cutest baby ever and everyone needed to see him. It also made it easier to stay connected to friends and family across the globe without annoying group texts.

To Post or Not to Post: That is the Question!

After my second child was born, my lupus and rheumatoid arthritis came back in full force making my days extremely long trying to wrangle a 3-month-old and a 21-month-old. My social media posts became cute pictures with lots of smiling, no tears, and fun adventures. At night, before bed, I would scroll through my feed and fall asleep with images of the good moments in my brain.


I'm constantly reading blogs or listening to my fellow moms complain about how fake social media is. How people constantly post about their perfect days and nothing about how real and challenging their lives really are. I know that if I posted every time that I have a pain filled day or every time that I screamed at my kids (because I don't feel good), it wouldn't make a difference because I don't post for other people. I post for myself. Why? Because when I'm having a day filled with unhappy kids, tears, pain, and brain fog, I can look at my social media and be reminded that we did have smiles, we did hug and there was love!

Now that my kids are older, we make a bedtime routine to talk about our favorite parts of the day. I will still keep posting the “perfect” parts of my life because those Facebook Memories are amazing!!

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