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Thursday, August 02, 2018 by Robert Canales

Six Benefits of Year-Round Swimming with SafeSplash

Retention and consistency are the keys to forward progression when learning any new skill.

As our children head back to school, and our lives as parents get busier, it is important to remember that the ability to swim efficiently is a lifelong skill that can save your child’s life. Like learning any subject in school, such as reading or math, learning to swim is a process that requires ongoing repetition and practice.


Year-Round Swimming Benefits


#1. Skill Maintenance

By enrolling your child in year-round lessons, you ensure that their skills continually improve and don’t need to be relearned each summer.


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#2. Consistent Skill Building

When children remain in swim lessons throughout the year their ability to learn new skills increases because they continually build on the skills they have already established.

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#3. Physical Fitness

Being in swim lessons throughout the school year offers children a fun and healthy way to exercise with a relatively low risk of sports-related injury.


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#4. Academic and Developmental Benefits

Children who consistently participate in early childhood swim lessons experience more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children.


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#5. Improved Coping Skills

Children who learn to swim at an early age are more comfortable coping with new or unfamiliar situations. As children learn to overcome fears and insecurities in the water, they build confidence in their ability to deal with unknown circumstances.


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#6 Social Skills and Friendships

Children build relationships with their lesson mates and their instructors. As children meet new people from season to season or when they move to a new level, the consistency of the pool and program provides a safe setting for a child to develop social skills and to build new friendships.

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As Back-To-School approaches and summer swimming ends, it is time to enroll your child in their SafeSplash Swim Lessons for the fall. Our Back-To-School Bundle offers a great overall value to your wallet while helping your child build on those skills they learned over the summer to become a better and safer swimmer.

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Robert and his wife Dulcie own, operate, and teach at SafeSplash locations in the San Antonio, TX area.