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Monday, November 16, 2015 by Admin

SafeSplash students excelling outside their swim lessons

SafeSplash is so proud to hear when their students are using the skills they learned here to excel in outside activities. Recently, we had one of our students participate in his first triathlon. He did great and credits SafeSplash for this accomplishment.Kelly (mother of child) wrote to us and said, ”Thanks everyone, it was a great day! He couldn’t have done it without the SafeSplash classes! He did freestyle the whole way and snaked under the lane rope with a flipturn no problem. Safesplash rocks!”

Another student of ours took what she learned in her swim lessons and got to snorkel in Mexico for the first time at age 5. This is a goal she has been working towards for the past 3 months and is so excited she has reached her goal to be able to swim with “real” fish.

Email us at moreinfo@safesplash.com with your child’s accomplishments and how SafeSplash helped them excel.

We’d love to celebrate their accomplishments with you.

SafeSplash Swim School