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Friday, December 02, 2016 by Dalen Snodderly

How to Keep your Busy Morning Happy, Healthy, and Easy!

Breakfast - The Most Important Part of the Day! Study after study has shown breakfast to be linked to your best health! And Monday after Monday has proved that it’s the easiest meal for us to run out of the house without. Busy lives are interfering with a chance at better memory and concentration, a healthy heart, and maintaining fit, happy bodies. Breakfast helps to replenish low blood sugars first thing in the morning, and skipping the A.M. meal means that your body may not have the energy it needs to help your brain and muscles work their best. It’s also very likely that if we don’t get in some vital nutrients first thing, we’ll not be able to consume the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients throughout the day that bodies need…meaning that often we’re far more likely to overeat the wrong foods later in the day.Healthy breakfast.jpg

Most days our little ones don’t feel like eating first thing in the morning but it’s so, so important that they do. Babies, toddlers, and kids growing bodies need that fuel first thing to replenish and help give them steady energy to transition from their school day to activities like swimming, soccer, dance and more! Just like adults, kids who skip breakfast are more likely to reach for junk food later in the day…often causing an energy crash and ultimately leading to more unhealthy teenagers and adults. Research shows us that eating a healthy breakfast can help kids with better cognitive function, academic performance AND physical ability. Not to mention a good breakfast can support emotional stability and mental alertness. Leading to less sibling squabbles and grocery store meltdowns (a parent can only hope.) 

The best breakfasts are well rounded and easy to grab and go. A mix of protein, carbohydrate, healthy fats and fiber are good goals to shoot for but there will always be days when anything is better than nothing. Prepping ahead to have good breakfasts ready-to-eat is a wonderful way to help work in more frequent and well-rounded A.M. meals, especially during the week. Protein is a great nutrient to consider first thing in the morning to get you and your kiddos the wake-up you need. Often times the first meal of the day falls short in this nutrient that is so vital to brain and muscle development.

Try some of these easy and healthy breakfast ideas to help get the day started:

  • Eggs, cooked any way of course, but try hard-boiling and peeling an entire dozen on Sunday so you can grab them on your way out the door throughout the week.
  • An individual container of unsweetened Greek yogurt. Another great way to prep ahead is to place a small Ziploc of berries next to each container, so you can grab both at the same time. (Try individual packets of nut butter too, to add some more protein, healthy fat and flavor to this breakfast.)
  • Try scrambling some eggs ahead of time and rolling them up in a whole wheat tortilla with a sprinkle of cheese. These can be stored for the week and heated up for 30 seconds in the morning before work or school.
  • Savory “non-breakfast” items are always good too. Think hummus, deli meats, rice and beans, or even dinner leftovers.
  • When in doubt grab a banana, maybe an individual packet of your favorite nut butter or cream cheese, and a mini bagel…any breakfast is better than none at all.

Here's to a happy, healthy week and getting in some good breakfast! Check out our Pinterest board for more healthy ideas!