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Monday, August 02, 2021 by Amy Boyington

How Sport Builds Confidence in Kids

Sports offer kids fun, healthy competition, socialization, and physical activity. But there's a lot that can happen inside your child's brain when they get involved in a sport they enjoy, too. Sports can make kids resilient, confident beings with a healthy dose of self-esteem that can take them far in different avenues of life.

How Do Sports Build Self Esteem in Children?

Think about how you feel when you find something you're good at and you stick with it. Something so simple has the power to make you feel awesome about yourself, essentially boosting your confidence. 

Sports can do the same for kids of any age, whether they're just starting out or are more seasoned in their sport. Sports are all about discipline, and they take practice to excel in. Sticking with a sport they enjoy and getting better at that sport can make your child discover their talent. Constructive feedback from coaches and support from other teammates can continue to build a child's self-esteem with every practice and game.

How to Build Confidence in Kids Through Sports

From kids karate lessons and playing baseball to taking kids swimming lessons, sports of all kinds can boost self-esteem and let your child's confidence shine. Here are a few ways sports work to build confidence:

Figure Out What They're Good At

Start by learning your child's strengths and interests. It could take some trial-and-error before you both learn what type of sport is going to build the confidence you're aiming for. It should be one that your child loves and makes them feel good about themselves when playing. 

Remember that perfection isn't the goal; self-esteem is! As long as your kiddo feels awesome about the way they play, they'll be able to foster a healthy sense of confidence with each practice and game.

Teach Discipline

Discipline and self-confidence go hand-in-hand. Kids need to have a sense of discipline to stay focused on a sport, improve, and gain confidence. 

Although coaches hold a lot of the responsibility of teaching discipline to players, parents and caregivers also play a role. Be firm in teaching your child the importance of showing up for each practice and event on time and with 100% focus. They'll learn self-discipline, which can lead to becoming more self-aware and confident. 

Help Them Handle Pressure and Stress

Sports can be stressful for kids of any age. There's pressure to keep improving, which can make children feel like they always need to be the best. As a parent or caregiver, you can be there to soften the pressure and remind your child that there's more to sports than winning.

After a rough practice or game, talk with your youngster. Listen to how they feel and let them know their feelings are valid. But also be there to let them know they gave their best effort, which is more important than being the best.

Give Them Plenty of Support

A child doesn't typically learn to be confident on their own. They also take in what they see and hear from others around them who they trust, like their parents, siblings, teammates, and coaches. With ample support and guidance, your child will be able to feel that they're important and always have people cheering them on.

Show your support for your child's passion by attending their sporting events and letting them know how proud you are of their efforts. 

Build Self Esteem in Children with Sports

Practice makes (almost) perfect in any sport, and the same holds true with confidence. The more you show your support and guide your child toward always giving their best effort, the more their confidence will bloom. Even the world's best athletes started in your kiddo's position, proving that the sky's the limit.