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Monday, July 05, 2021 by Steven Auger

Games to Play on the Beach

A hallmark of any summer is quality family time spent at the beach. And while sun, sand, and surf are treasured by beachgoers of all ages, games are a great way to maximize your summertime beach fun while enjoying your family.

Try any of these ten games the next time you plan a family beach day.


A ball, net, two poles, some stakes, and a patch of open sand are all you need to get the game going. Teams can have as many as six people. Each team gets a maximum of three hits to get the ball over the net. You don’t need Olympic-level skills to have hours of fun playing beach volleyball.

Beach Cornhole

Cornhole isn’t just for backyard barbeques. Bring it to the beach and watch the competition really heat up. Beach cornhole requires just the right amount of marksmanship - combined with a little touch - as you try to land bean bags either in the hole or on the board. Cornhole boards are typically made of wood and not easily transportable. Beach cornhole boards are collapsible and portable – ideal for carrying on and off the beach.

Beach Bocce Ball

Bocce ball, popular worldwide, is ideal for the beach and can be played in teams of two or one-on-one. Each beach bocce ball kit comes with two sets of four balls – each set a different color – and a smaller ball. Each team tries to get their balls closest to the smaller ball (called the Pallino). Kits also come with a measuring device for when closest to the Pallino is too close to call.

Flip Flop Darts

Flip flops are for more than just negotiating beach sand that’s been baking in the summer sun. Once you’ve made your campsite, your flip-flops double as beach yard darts.

Draw enough circles in the sand to resemble a dartboard. Each circle is worth a certain point amount. Players stand behind a line and use their feet to toss their flops into the board, keeping score as they go.

The Limbo

Who said doing The Limbo is just for weddings?!

All you need is a pool noodle, a little flexibility, and a fun attitude. How low can you and your family go?

Toss and Catch Ball

Toss and catch is played with two velcro-lined paddles and a tennis ball. The paddle slides onto your hand. Toss the ball to your partner like you would in any game of catch. Instead of catching it with a mitt, the ball sticks to the velcro-lined paddle. This game is ideal for helping kids improve their hand-eye coordination. Your kids can play catch with each other or with mom and dad.


Place the ladders 15 feet apart. Each player is trying to land the bola – two rubber balls connected by a string – on one of three rungs on the ladder. The top rung is worth three points, the middle rung is worth two, and the bottom rung is worth one point.

A player wins by earning exactly 21 points. Exceeding that total results in playing another round. Ladderball is highly portable, easy to assemble, and ideal for all ages.

Beach Bowling

Start with six empty plastic bottles. Partially fill them with sand and then line them up in the shape of a pyramid. Take turns rolling a tennis ball to knock them over. An ideal beach game for kids!

Fly a Kite

Who doesn’t have good memories of flying a kite at the beach? All you need is some decent wind, a couple of hundred feet of string, and a bit of an open area to not only get the kite high in the sky but also bring it down without crashing it on other beachgoers.

Building Sandcastles

An old standby of any beach day is building sandcastles. Some folks opt for entire sandcastle kits while others simply need a bucket and a couple of shovels. Kids can spend hours constructing their kingdom, with the obligatory moat, of course. Though, the best part of building a sandcastle is stomping on it as you pack up your site before venturing home.

There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a day at the beach. Playing a beach game or two will maximize your family time while making lasting memories for your children.

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