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Friday, September 01, 2017 by Monica Scrivner

Back to School & Back to the Pool

Put on your swim suit and head back to swim lessons this fall! Swimming in conjunction with school is a great combination.  Swimming supports students in the classroom because it provides many benefits for daily learning. 


Regular exercise increases new cell growth in the brain which improves mood, and reduces anxiety and stress levels.  Swimming is one of the best exercises around.  It makes you feel good and helps you learn. 

Swimming also teaches goal setting.  Goals have to be set to become a well-rounded swimmer.   Building a strong kick or perfecting a stroke requires setting goals to reach the next level.   This is an area for parents to become involved by initiating conversation with the swim school manager about progression and next steps for their children.

Last, swimmers tend to work well in groups because they have to learn how to support their class or team to achieve success.  Swimming is the best of both worlds – an individual and team sport. 


SafeSplash is teaching lessons all year round. 
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