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Wednesday, March 06, 2019 by Robert Canales

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kiddo(s) Ready for Spring/Summer Swimming NOW!

With warm weather around the corner now is the time to start getting our little ones ready for Spring/Summer swimming. Let SafeSplash help your child to develop into a safe, happy and confident swimmer this Spring/Summer! Not sure when to start? Here are 5 reasons to start getting ready for Spring and Summer now!

5 Reasons to Start Swim Lessons Now

1. For kids, learning to swim is not like riding a bike, it is not a skill that once you learn it you can pick right up where you left off. Learning to swim is more like learning a language or playing an instrument. It takes consistent practice, especially for kiddos, to retain the swim skills they learn. Learning swim and water safety skills now will help them to be more comfortable, confident, and ready for Spring/Summer swimming experiences.


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2. Learning to swim is a life skill that enables you to experience many “spring/summer life experiences” as a child and adult. These life experiences include pool swimming, ocean/lake swimming, boat trips, tubing down a river, canoeing, summer swim parties, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, waterparks, fishing, beach/lake vacations, etc.


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3. In South Texas, we have more warmer months than colder months meaning our access to water and exposure to water is more abundant. With bodies of water all around us…neighborhood/apartment pools, lakes, creeks, rivers, oceans, etc. some of which are gated for safety and some of which are not it is EXTREMELY important to make sure our little ones are as water safe as possible. Enrolling them in swim lessons during the winter helps them to be more prepared for Spring/Summer water encounters.

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4. Swim lessons during the winter is a great way to keep our little one(s) happy and healthy during the winter months. For a lot of our little ones, colder weather means more couch time. Getting them swim-ready now will help them to build their swim skill endurance so that they are ready for Spring/Summer swimming.


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5. If you have Spring/Summer vacation plans or if you have Summer Swim Team aspirations for your little one, now is the time to start getting them ready. What better way to enjoy a Spring/Summer vacation that having everyone water safe, confident and happy. Nothing worse than spending money on a Spring/Summer vacation than to have our little ones terrified of experiencing or getting in the water with family.

Let SafeSplash help get your kiddo(s) ready for Spring/Summer water experiences! Call 844-KID-SWIM and get them registered today…Spring/Summer is right around the corner!

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