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Thursday, March 15, 2018 by Dorian Capers

5 Awesome Swimming Guinness World Records

People are pretty amazing! Whether if it's amazing feats of science, medicine, or athleticism, humans are pretty incredible. Honestly, just getting through the day is a feat in itself some days. Taking a look at some Guinness World Records makes that all the more obvious though! Here are 5 amazing Guinness World Records in swimming (of course)!

1. Farthest Swim Under Ice

I've heard of Polar Bearing, but this is next level. Let alone distance and breath control, the temperature of this water is deadly!


2. Longest Distance Swam Underwater in One Breath


3. Most Bench Presses Underwater

Okay, these next two records aren't swimming but this one is underwater!


4. Fastest 100 Meter Hurdles in Swim Fins

Alright, I admit it. We said 5 Swimming records and two of these are not swimming. To be fair, swim fins, and this is one you might be able to try at home!


5. Longest swim under ice - breath held (female)

Breath control and willpower is simply impressive.