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New National Survey Finds More than Half of All Americans Can’t Swim or Perform Basic Swim Safety Skills

May 20, 2014 / by Admin

The Red Cross has released a startling study conducted by the CDC in which it was found that, “just four in ten parents of children ages 4-17 report that their child can perform all five basic swimming skills, yet more than nine in 10 (92 percent) say that their child is likely to participate in water activities this summer.” In addition, ”nearly half of Americans (46 percent) report that they have had an experience in the water where they were afraid they might drown. In addition, one in five (19 percent) said they knew someone who had drowned, and 20 percent knew someone who nearly drowned.”

In order to combat this the Red Cross has a launched a national drowning prevention campaign. Check out these two amazing articles below!




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