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Monday, May 16, 2016 by Cindy Novy

How to Keep Your Kids Busy While Working From Home

Blogpictures2.jpgI’m very blessed to have a flexible job that understands that emergencies happen and sometimes you just have to pick up your things and go get your kids from the babysitters and work from home.

It is defiantly challenging because your little ones don’t always respect the fact that even though you are home you can’t give them your full attention, here’s when your creativity and multi-tasking comes in handy.

I usually set up my work station on the kitchen table, not at a desk because there I can see what the kids are doing and make sure they don’t sneak an extra cookie or extra snack. It’s helpful to have them in my view at all times while getting my work done.

Working from home with my 9-year-old is not too badBlogpictures1.jpg because he is at school until 3:30pm and once he gets home he's busy with homework, and shortly after that I’m all done with work. But, my
3-year-old is a different story; she usually needs or wants something instantly and that can be challenging.

While working at home today my daughter let it be known that her babies needed a bath, so we got creative and made a bath for her babies in the kitchen sink. By getting her all set up first I got a good 45 minutes of un-interrupted work. But, I think what works best for me is setting up her own work station next to me so she can do the same kind of work mommy is doing. Not only do I get more work done, but she has fun mimicking what I’m doing.

 Here’s what we use at home:

  • Play laptop or table
  • Pen and paper for her notes
  • A phone so she can make her calls or have meetings like mommy
I’m not saying that I could work from home every day, but the days that I absolutely have to we make the best of it and get things done.

By working from home my kids get to see that part of me that is unknown to them yet such a big part of their lives. I know some day they will look back and appreciate all the hard work and dedication it takes to be a working parent that loves her family and her job!


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