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Monday, November 16, 2015 by Admin

Benefits of swim lessons

Swim lessons for children of any age are not only a good way to promote water safety, they are also a great way to increase self-esteem, a good form of exercise and now research shows may increase their dexterity as they get older. Researchers from Norway and Britain found that children who had taken baby swimming classes did better on tests involving gripping and reaching as well as balance, compared to children who had no experience swimming as babies.

Many of the infants and toddlers who attend a SafeSplash Swim School swim lessons program are taught from day one how to reach for safety, dig their arms and kick their legs. While the benefits of swimming are multiple, the earlier you start your child the more apt they will be to grasp concepts of safety as well as condition their body to do particular movements.

For more information on how infant swim lessons can help your child’s development check out this article.