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Monday, November 16, 2015 by Admin

September Swimmer of the Month

Future scuba diver and astronaut, Jai Sharma is our swimmer of the month for September! A level four swimmer from San Jose, California, you can find Jai at our 24 hour location most likely diving under the water. His favorite activity during his lesson is picking up the rings at the bottom of the pool. When it comes to his strokes Jai's favorite is big arms, but he really likes all the strokes! Jai has been with SafeSplash for 4 months and has really progressed with his swimming!! We are very proud of him!When Jai is not swimming, he loves to build robots, play soccer and his favorite subject is Science. Jai is 5 years old and is starting kindergarten this week. He really loves underwater exploration, and in the future he wants to learn to scuba dive. One of his favorite activities is staring at fish in aquariums, especially the one at his doctor's office! We wish Jai all the best this school year and continued success in his swimming!

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Favorite Food: Anything unhealthy

Favorite Vacation: Disneyland

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Movie: Toy Story

Favorite TV Show: Cartoons