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Friday, September 01, 2023 by Rita Cunha

Start the School Year Right: 10 Perks to Kid's Swim Lessons

Don't pack up your child's swimming gear just yet. Having fun in the water isn't just a summertime activity. There are tons of benefits to swimming year-round — for both beginning and more seasoned swimmers of all ages. Now that you're easing into a back-to-school routine, incorporating some pool time into your child's schedule is a great idea.

10 Perks of Swimming Year-Round for Kids and Teens

Finding a swimming pool with after-school activities near you is worth it. Here are 10 benefits your child can reap from being in the water.

1. Learn water safety

Accidents in rivers, lakes, and pools are more common than you'd think. Make sure your bundle of joy knows how to swim to keep them safe. If you can't teach them yourself, qualified swim instructors are there for them.

2. Improved cardiovascular health

Swimming is a form of cardio and it can make your child's heart stronger and healthier. With time, their heart won't have to work as hard to deliver blood and oxygen to all the cells.

3. Increased lung capacity

Swim lessons teach kids to control their breathing: hold their breath, take deep breaths, and exhale steadily. As a result, their lungs can provide oxygen more efficiently.

4. Developed motor skills

Learning a specific swimming technique pushes your child to develop their gross motor skills. In just some months, they'll improve their movement coordination and better their balance.

5. Helps build muscle

Different swimming strokes work different sets of muscles. The more your child swims, the more their muscles develop healthily, and the stronger they get.

6. Offers an energy release

Some kids are more energetic than others. For those that seem to have built-in long-lasting batteries, swimming is the perfect way to release all that pent-up energy in a healthy and contained way after school.

7. Increases sleep quality

Swimming tires out even the most energetic of children. After all, they're getting a full-body workout and having fun. By bedtime, most toddlers and older children will fall into a deep sleep quickly.

8. Promotes screen-free fun

Most kids today love being in front of a screen. And there's nothing wrong with that! But sometimes, it gets to be a bit much for some parents. Going to swim lessons is an awesome way to unplug and have fun in other ways.

9. Encourages social development

Swim lessons are often taught in groups and many instructors plan group activities. This fosters teamwork and teaches your child to cooperate with others. Even if they're not part of a swim team, they'll come out of the pool with strengthened social skills.

10. Boosts self-confidence

It's normal for children to feel nervous right before doing something new. For example, learning how to swim or trying a new swimming technique. But once they conquer those fears and develop new skills in the pool, nothing can stop them. A child that believes in themselves is much more likely to love themselves and be bold.

Propel Your Child Forward with Swim Lessons

As you can tell, your child has a lot to gain from some pool time. Even just a few hours of swimming a week can help them develop physically, emotionally, and socially. Make sure they're off to a great start in the school year by searching for "swimming lessons near me." You're bound to find a Swimlabs school that's perfect for your kid.