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Monday, February 27, 2023 by Rita Cunha

7 Proud Parent Moments to Remember on Challenging Days

Parenting can be a challenge. There are the diapers, the fits, and the eye rolls that tire you out after a long day. But raising happy, healthy kids is also a joy. Seeing them grow up and become their own person is priceless and makes all those sleepless nights easy to forget. Let these 7 proud parenting moments give you the energy to keep going when parenting gets tough.

7 Proud Parent Moments to Put a Smile on Your Face

What makes a parent proud of their child is different for everyone. How many of these inspiring accomplishments has your child achieved so far?

1. Showing Kindness

You're probably showing your child how to be kind to others (and themselves!). One day, your teachings click, and you'll see how loving and kind your toddler can be. Whether it's toward a stranger going through hard times or animals, your heart will probably melt.

2. Saying "Please" and "Thank You"

Most parents teach their kids basic manners, like saying "please" and "thank you." It might take a lot of repeating and reminding your child to say these words. Eventually, they'll be asking for things politely and thanking unprompted.

3. Overcoming Fears

What kid doesn't have seemingly irrational fears? Maybe they're scared of the dark or of bees, and as a parent, you encourage them to get over it with lots of love and patience. So when they finally face their fears head-on and conquer them, you feel like all your work as a parent is finally paying off.

4. Learning to Swim

Swimming is a fantastic activity for kids of all ages. Not only do they have fun splashing around but they also learn life-saving skills to keep them safe around water. Getting to see your bundle of joy explore a new activity and be good at it is a joy!

5. Standing Up for Themselves

As parents, we always want to be there for our little ones. But there will come a time when our kids are on their own and will need to defend themselves, be it from bullies at school or against situations they're not comfortable with. A well-loved, well-nurtured child has the tools to stand up for themselves, so keep on encouraging them.

6. Protecting Others

Standing up for others is an often overlooked proud parent moment, but it shouldn't. Protecting those that are vulnerable is such an important trait. Maybe your child will help a friend who is being made fun of at school, or keep a bug from being squashed in the garden. It's a sign your toddler has a generous, loving heart—something that's often missing in the adult world.

7. Following Their Beliefs

At first, kids soak up their parents' beliefs, but when they're older they start to form their own moral compass. It's normal for older kids (and teenagers) to go against what they were brought up to believe, and many parents dread this so-called rebellious phase. But it shows that your child has grown to become their own person, with a unique set of convictions and ardently held beliefs. And as a parent, what are we doing if not raising future independent adults?

Foster Your Child's Development with Fun Activities

Kids need to play and let out their energy, and the swimming pool is the perfect place for that. Enrolling your child in swim lessons is a great way of letting them develop special traits and skills. Not to mention they get to have fun in the water year-round. Instructors at SafeSplash  will keep your bundle of joy safe while encouraging them to try new things!