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SafeSplash Aurora’s Swimmer of the Month CONNOR : The Best Swimmer He Knows

September 10, 2013 / by Admin

What is your favorite color: Purple

If you could pick one superpower what would it be: Flying

What is your favorite food: Pancakes

What is your favorite part of swimming: Bobs

Who is the best swimmer you know: Me (himself)

Who is your favorite person in the world: My friend Caleb

What is your favorite sport: Football

What is your favorite team: Seattle Seahawks

Connor has been with our SafeSplash Aurora Family since March of 2013.  He started in a level 1 class with Miss Samantha and has advanced to a level 3!  He started our program a little nervous and hesitant to get in the water but is now super comfortable and willing to try any skill.  He loves doing bubbles and bobs and he is currently working on big arms and side breathing.  Miss Samantha is excited about how quickly Connor is advancing in levels and can’t wait to see him for his lesson each Wednesday!


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