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Parker and Arapahoe’s Master Side Breather Blake is their Swimmer of the Month!

December 13, 2013 / by Admin

Parker and Arapahoe

Swimmer of the Month: Blake

Master Side-breather!

Name: Blake

Age: 6

Current Level: 3

Level Started: 1

What is your favorite part about swimming lessons?

A. Side breathing

What is your favorite stroke?

A. Backstroke

What is the most difficult stroke for you?

A. Backstroke

What skills have you learned that you are most proud of?

A. Sidebreathing and Backstroke

What is your favorite thing that your instructor does during lesson?

A. Teaching me the sidebreath

What motivates you to get your next ribbon? Or pass the next skill?

A. Focus and pay attention

If you could be a teacher for a day, what would you teach?

A. Math

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. Ice-cream man.

Who is the best swimmer you know?

A. My teacher ( Alyssa Garret)

Blake is such a happy guy, I love having in my class! He is always trying his best and watching him become a stronger swimmer has been a pleasure. We have worked really hard on making sure Blake knows his safety skills. We are also continuing to work on mastering the backstroke and freestyle.

Blake has come so far in the amount of time that I have had him. Blake brings laughter, smiles, and dedication every week to class.The joy he gets from swimming reminds me  why I love my job!


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