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October Swimmer of the Month

November 13, 2015 / by Admin

Introducing Peter, our October Swimmer of the Month. Currently he is in Level 4 class at LoneTree, working on his side breathing. Peter has come a long way in his swimming abilities. When he first started Peter only wanted to put his feet into the water. For most of the class he would only sit and watch the other kids in his class do their swimming. Now Peter is working on his perfect arms with side breathing all the way across the pool!! His teacher Ms. Lindsey is very proud of Peter and his progress, Peter has done an amazing job in lessons and he is such a bright student.Now let's find out about Mr. Peter! In the future he wants to be a house builder and build gigantic houses and sell them for $1! His favorite season is winter because he can go sledding, skiing, build snow men, snow angels, and throw snowballs with his brother Thomas. When it comes to school his favorite subject is double recesses and then Science. Thinking back on his favorite vacation he recalls a trip to Philadelphia where he got to ride a submarine and actually push the buttons to drive it.

We are very proud of Peter from coming so far in his swimming abilities! Congratulations Peter!

Favorite thing about swimming: Freestyle, but no side breathing

Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry Swirl

Favorite food: Mac and Cheese

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Sport: Playing catch with his Dad

Favorite TV Show: Noah's Arc

Favorite Movie: Marry Poppins

We also found out that Peter invented swimming ;) and is a collector of seafood; lobster tails, crab legs and fish!

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