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July Swimmers of the Month

July 01, 2010 / by Admin

Introducing Anna and Grant, our July swimmers of the month! Fresh back from a trip to San Diego, they were still pretty energized from their trip when we started the interview. Naturally we started the conversation with all the amazing things they saw and did. They went to Disneyland, and Sea World and of course went to the ocean! €œWe rode all the rollercoasters! Anna exclaimed, but Grant was scared of Thunder Mountain. Needless to say I was pretty jealous!

Let's meet our brother and sister duo! Anna is 6 years old and is in 1st grade. Her brother Grant, is 4 ½ and is in Junior Kindergarten. They are currently enrolled at our Aurora location, where they are both in Level 4. They both started at our Lone Tree location back in the fall of 2007, where Grant was in Parent Tot 2 and Anna as in a 2A. Right now they are with Ms. Amanda working on swimming the entire length of the pool. Anna is also working on her Butterfly! They are very lucky and have the entire class to themselves, so they get a lot of swimming accomplished each week!

When they are not rocking their swimming skills at SafeSplash, Anna and Grant stay pretty busy. Anna plays soccer and also does ballet. Grant also plays soccer and loves flying kites. Grant's plans for the future have changed since he learned that he needs to eat his veggies in order to be a Firefighter, he now wants to be a Police Officer. J Anna wants to be a teacher when she grows up, she is thinking of teaching kindergarten!

Anna and Grant are great kids! They always have a smile on their faces and love to swim! We are soo happy and proud they are our July Swimmers of the month. Keep up the great work you two!!

Favorite Ice Cream: Grant-Strawberry and Cottoncandy!

Anna-Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup and Mint!

Favorite Sports: Grant-Soccer and Swimming

Anna-Ballet, Soccer and Swimming

Favorite Subject: Grant-Numbers and Math

Anna- Science and Math

Favorite TV/Movie: Grant-SpongeBob and Fanboy &Chum Chum

Anna-Sound of Music

Favorite Season: Grant-Hates Winter, can't fly kites!

Anna-Winter, loves sledding

Favorite Food: Grant-Pizza and Chicken


by: Brett, Aurora Senior Instructor

Tags: Swim Lessons


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