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Monday, November 16, 2015 by Admin

Congratulations to our Lewisville brother and sister team Swimmers of the Month – Jenson and Lexi!

Swimmers of the Month

Jenson and Lexi

Brother/sister team, Jenson and Lexi, are the Swimmers of the Month. Jenson is a level 4 and Lexi is a level 2A (almost 2B!). They have been with us for three months. Jenson is in 1st grade and loves chess, monopoly, and soccer. Lexi is in pre-K and loves playing pretend, swimming, and soccer like her big brother! Lexi and Jenson always come to lessons with big smiles and are so encouraging to our other swimmers! When another child in her class is struggling, you can always hear Lexi telling him or her “you can do it, don’t give up!” They both love the water so much that lessons always go by much too fast! We love having these positive swimmers in our classes and look forward to seeing them every week. Their proud parents are Karen and Mike.

Congratulations to Jenson and Lexi! Katie and the SafeSplash Staff are very proud of you!