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Tuesday, November 17, 2015 by Admin

Congratulations to our June Swimmer of the Month in Colorado!

Aiden is our June Swimmer of the Month!

Aiden has been chosen as Aurora’s swimmer of the month for June 2013. Aiden is 5 years old and has been swimming with us since June 2012. He is one of our special needs students and has been swimming with Miss Kayla since May 2013. Aiden has made drastic changes in just a few short months. Aiden absolutely loves swimming! We are so proud of you Aiden!

We had a few questions for Aiden:

What is your favorite part about swimming? Floating and jumping!

What is your favorite color? Blue

Who do you like to swim with? Miss Kayla!

Where is your favorite place to swim? Outside pool

What is your favorite food? Sandwiches

What is your favorite movie? Monsters Inc.

Who is the best swimmer you know? Miss Lindsey and Aiden!

Aiden has been in lessons with SafeSplash for about a year. When I got him in my class Aiden was very unsure and nervous about swimming. He is now a completely different little boy. I have a hard time getting him out of the pool now. Aiden is such a smart, sweet, energetic boy and I absolutely love having him in class!
- Miss Kayla (instructor)