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Awesome job Cruz – persistence and dedication is what it takes to be our Vegas Swimmer of the Month!!

February 13, 2014 / by Admin

Swimmer of the Month


Our swimmer of the month is Cruz. Cruz started with SafeSplash last summer at the Summerlin location. Originally, a Level 1 swimmer Cruz was hesitant to be in the pool without holding onto the teaching platform or the side of the pool. It took many lessons for Cruz to even become comfortable enough to put his head in the water. Cruz has been persistent and determined to become a confident swimmer and slowly but surely he started to progress. First it was kicking on his own, then grabbing rings from the bottom of the pool and eventually even jumping into the deep end. Because of his courage Cruz is now a 2B swimmer and will soon progress to Level 3. Cruz is starting to learn the fun and excitement of swimming on his own and every week we look forward to seeing his newfound progress and confidence. Because Cruz has overcome so many of his fears and kept trying he is our swimmer of the month.

We are looking forward to seeing how much you will accomplish, great job!!!


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