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August Swimmer of the Month

August 06, 2010 / by Admin

We are proud to announce our August swimmer of the month, Naiti. He has been swimming with us at the 24 Hour Fitness location in Parker since December of 2009. He has really come a long way since his first swim lessons. At the beginning, he really struggled with the idea of having to swim where he couldn't touch. He has now progressed to a level 2B where he is swimming out to our instructors and going under water to pick up rings. Since Anna has been his instructor he has decided swimming isn't as bad as he first thought and happily joins his class each week. We asked Naiti what his favorite part of SafeSplash was and he said “His teacher Anna”. Naiti loves to kick on the barbell and pick up rings from the bottom of the shallow part of the water.

We are so proud of Naiti and how he is progressing! Keep up the great work!!

Favorite colors: orange, blue, red, and green

Favorite stroke: scooping for ice cream :)

Favorite ice cream: chocolate vanilla

Favorite food: carrots, broccoli and peanuts

Recent vacation: farm in Iow his favorite thing to do there was catching fireflies

Upcoming vacation: Israel to visit Mom's family

Favorite sport: football

Favorite TV Show: Backyardigans

Favorite Movie: Lightning McQeen(Cars)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Race car driver or Broncos Player

Favorite season: Summer because I can go biking

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