June Swimmer of the Month – Keller, TX June 21, 2012

Lauren is the Keller SafeSplash Swimmer of the Month. 

Lauren is 9 years old and in the 3rd grade.  She is a Level 6 swimmer and has been swimming at SafeSplash for 4 months.  In addition to swimming, her hobbies include music, reading, and writing her own books.  Lauren’s family includes her mom and dad, Deborah and Matt; and her brother Luke.

Lauren is a great choice for our SafeSplash Swimmer of the month because she is an outstanding listener and swimmer.  She tries her best at everything she does and overcomes every challenge!

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June Swimmer of the Month – Murphy, TX

Ethan Irek is the Murphy Swimmer of the Month.

Ethan is six years old and just finished Kindergarten. He is a Level 2B swimmer and has been taking lessons for 9 months.

Ethan LOVES playing with Legos!  He also likes to ride his scooter and bike. Ethan’s family includes mom and dad, Kayla and Chris; and his sister, Emree, who is also a SafeSplash swimmer!!

Ethan is a delight to have in class. He is always ready to go and never says “no”! He comes to class with a smile on his face, and always brightens up his instructor’s mood!! He is an excellent swimmer and can do almost everything by himself. He loves to dive for rings and do streamline. Ethan is doing so well he should be ready for Level 3 in no time.

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June Swimmer of the Month-Aurora, CO June 4, 2012

Congratulations to our June Swimmer of the Month in Aurora, CO, Jeriann.  She has been attending SafeSplash for almost a year and has excelled tremendously.  She has attending regular monthly classes as well as our swim camps.  We have seen Jeriann grow from being scared of the water to a very confident swimmer.  It is so exciting to see swimming help in her self confidence.  Swimming is a sport that can show a child that if they try they can accomplish anything!  That is why Jeriann is our swimmer of the month.  In a little under a year she has moved 5 levels and we are so proud of her.  The part she loves best about her swim classes are the flip turns.  Jeriann loves to do flips in the water!  Her favorite stroke is backstroke because she can go really fast.  She is still working on her butterfly and says that is the most difficult stroke for her. 

Jeriann is most proud that she is not afraid of the water anymore and that she is able to swim on her own!  Her mom says that she loves that Jeriann does not hold on to her anymore when they go to the pool on their own.  Jeriann’s favorite part of class is when Miss Natalie her teacher let’s them do “crazy jumps”!  She said if she keeps working hard on her flip turns she will be able to get her next ribbon.  If she was teacher for a day she said she would teach the kids to float and to swim backstroke. 

Jeriann wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up because she loves dogs.  She would also love to be an artist.  We asked her who she thought was the best swimmer she knew and she said her friend Annaliese in her class because she helps her with her flip turns.  She loves SafeSplash because she loves learning how to swim!

Congratulations Jeriann we are very proud of you!

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