Olympic Swimming Hopefuls Show Moves on TODAY Show May 24, 2012

USA Swimming makes a splash on the TODAY Show! We are bringing in a pool to the plaza for “TODAY Poolside”.  Olympic hopefuls Brendan Hansen and Elizabeth Beisel show off their moves in the pool and talk about the upcoming U.S. Olympic Trials as well as their personal swimming careers.

Maritza Correia was also on the show. She was in the water with TODAY anchor Natalie Morales to talk about how parents can get their kids into swimming. 

To see the full clip click here.

To find swim lessons in your area visit www.swimtoday.org!  SafeSplash Swim School is a proud member of Swim Today program.

SafeSplash offers swim lessons for all ages in four states:  Colorado, California, Texas and New Jersey.

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Message from the Manager May 23, 2012

Happy Summer SafeSplash Families and Friends!

With the outdoor pool and summer vacation just around the corner, I wanted to personally take a moment to express how important it is to get your little one’s swimming. So often during the summer time families take summer vacations all around the globe visiting lakes, water parks, neighborhood pools and everything in-between.  Have you ever considered the risk involved in the fun that you will have this summer?

According to the CDC two children under the age of 14 die each day due to unintentional drowning. Furthermore, it is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14; right behind car accidents. You buckle your kid up, take all the precautions to make sure they are safe in the car. Do you do the same when they are near the water?  Do you equally invest in their safety around the water? It’s just that important!

 Will your child be near the water this summer? If so, I reach out to you, don’t become the statistic this summer.  Invest in your child’s safety! No matter their age or current ability, it is never too late to invest in your child’s future.

 See you at the pool!

Jenn Hoard
General Manager Lone Tree, CO

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May Swimmer of the Month-Colorado May 18, 2012

Congratulations to Emma for being our May Swimmer of the Month at our Lone Tree, CO location.  She started with us at a level 2A and just recently received her level 7 ribbon!  She in the final level here at SafeSplash and we are extremely proud of her for almost completely our program.  Megan, Emma’s swim teacher, says “Emma is such a joy in class and shows her love and dedication to swimming every time I see her.  She always works her hardest, never giving up.  She creates a fun environment for her fellow swim buddies with her beautiful smile.  She is doing a great job and has performed outstandingly!” We are very proud of Emma!

Favorite thing about swimming:  Diving

Favorite stroke: Breaststroke

Favorite ice cream: Mint

Favorite subject in school: Specials (music, tech and library)

Favorite movie: Dolphin Tale

Who invented swimming?  Alicia (her first swim teacher here at SafeSplash) :)

What do you want to be when you grow up:  Dietician…Just like Mom

Who is the best swimmer you know?  “My friend Daniel”

What is the most difficult stroke? Butterfly

What skills have you learned that you are most proud of?  being good in class

What is your favorite thing about your teacher Ms. Megan? She is really nice

If you could be the teacher for a day, what would you teach the class?  Butterfly

Keep up the hard work!  Congratulations!

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May Swimmer of the Month – Murphy, Texas May 15, 2012

Presley, a Level 3 swimmer, is our SafeSplash Swimmer of the Month. 

Presley is 5 years old and in pre-school.  She has been a SafeSplash swimmer for eight months.  Her hobbies are dancing and swimming.  She likes to play outside with her scooter and ride bikes with her family.  Presley’s family includes mom and dad, Amanda and Jeff, and brother, JJ.

Presley is an amazing swimmer.  She started as a Level 2A and has worked her way up to Level 3.  Presley always has a good attitude and passes it on to the other students in her class.  She likes to have tea parties with her classmates when waiting for her turn.  She makes swim lessons even more fun for everyone in her class. 

Congratulations to Presley for being the Swimmer of the Month!

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May Swimmer of the Month – Keller, Texas

Rylon is the SafeSplash Swimmer of the Month at our Keller, Texas location!  

 Rylon is three years old and a level 2A swimmer.  His hobbies are cars, bug collecting, swimming and rock climbing.  Rylon’s family includes his mom and dad, Amanda and Joe, and his sister, Adalyn.

Rylon wasn’t sure about swim lessons at first.  He had a few tears when he arrived at the pool.  However, he has continued to come to swim his lessons every week.  He now swims with a smile on his face and enjoys his lesson time.  We are very proud of Rylon’s progress and look forward to him becoming a great swimmer. 

Congratulations to Rylon!!

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