May Swimmer of the Month April 28, 2011

Preksha is our swimmer of the month for May!  Preksha swims at our SafeSplash San Jose location as a level 2B.  Her favorite thing about swimming lessons is holding her breath underwater.  It’s her favorite activity now but when Preksha first started she was particularly nervous about putting her face in.  Getting over her fear was easy once she trusted her instructor.  Now she is working on much more difficult skills, like big arms and side breathing.  Her biggest accomplishment thus far is being able to do her back float all by herself for 20 seconds!!  She is looking forward to conquering diving next!

Our future scientist turns 6 this month!  This summer Preksha is traveling to Chicago with her brother to see their Aunt and Cousins.  Her favorite season is summer because it is hot!  When Preksha grows up she wants to be a scientist who experiments on cows’ eyes.  During our interview she did have some advice for all the swimmers out there who are having trouble with their back floats: “you are not allowed to pick up your head while doing back floats, otherwise your body will sink, and you have to keep your belly button pointed to the sky.”  Perfect advice!  We wish Preksha all the best this summer and a joyful trip to Chicago!

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate with sprinkles

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Sport: Swimming

Favorite Movie: Dora the Explorer

 Favorite Place to Vacation: Exploratorium and Science Museum

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April Swimmer of the Month April 4, 2011

Introducing our swimmer of the month for April, Ms. Maura!!  Ms. Maura has been a SafeSplash swimmer for quite some time now, most recently at our Aurora location in a level 3 class.  Maura has been doing tremendous in her swim lessons.  She is working on her side breathing along with her wonderful freestyle arms.  She also has really been improving with her skills on her back as she can almost swim across the entire pool on her own!  Sometimes Maura has a little fear and is a little apprehensive, but lately has had no problem overcoming it and has been really progressing.  She really loves diving for rings during her classes and her favorite thing about swimming is she can finally do it without help from anyone! 

Ms. Maura is one multi-talented little six year old.  She is also an ice skater and loves playing soccer.  Her favorite subject in school is obviously recess where she enjoys playing outside.  Maura loves Power Rangers because they have all the rainbow colors but she is sad they don’t have an orange or purple ranger. ;)  Her favorite season is summer because she loves playing outside and she also gets to go to the beach.  We are very proud of Maura for overcoming her fears and always having a great attitude! 

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Movie: Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Favorite Place to Vacation: Grandma’s house in Philadelphia

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