February Swimmer of the Month January 31, 2011

SafeSplash would like to congratulate our February swimmer of the month Mr. Brady!  Brady has been with SafeSplash for almost a year and has come a long way in that time.  When Brady first started classes with us he was afraid to come off the dock and terrified to put his face in!  With help from his instructor and his idol Captain Jack Sparrow, Brady overcame his fears and now can swim halfway across the pool.  He has recently decided swimming is actually kind of fun!  Brady has become a favorite for the Wednesday night staff as everyone loves his great personality.

Let’s meet our future pirate, Brady.  He is a level three swimmer who loves to do his rocket ships during class.  He has one brother and one sister.  They recently helped him celebrate his birthday where Brady turned 5!  Brady loves cannonballs and splashing everyone within his range.  His favorite TV show is SpongeBob and favorite movie is Jack Sparrrow!  Brady really likes basketball and the Nuggets and his favorite player is Birdman!  The SafeSplash team wishes Brady the best in his future adventures against the Kraken!

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite season: Fall, loves jumping in leaves

Favorite SpongeBob Character: Patrick (which also happens to be the name of one of his swim instructors!)

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Is Warm Water Important When Learning to Swim? January 20, 2011

The United States Swim School Association, an organization of over 250 swim schools nationwide, suggests the ideal temperature be 86-92 degrees.  To a child a pool feels about 20 degrees cooler than air temperature.  Therefore, a 90 degree pool feels like 70 degree air.  The warmer the water temperature the more the child will retain.

Blue water, not blue lips is our motto at SafeSplash Swim School.  We keep our pools at 86-90 degrees so we can focus on learning rather than shivering.  SafeSplash Swim School dedicated facilities also use state of the art UV purification systems.  These system make sure chlorine resistant bacteria is eliminated from the water.  It also is easier on your child’s skin and eyes.

Give your child the best!  We now have 8 locations.  Use our convenient online registration form to get registered today.
-Lone Tree, CO
-Aurora, CO
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-Littleton, CO
-San Jose, CA
-Keller, TX
-Murphy, TX

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