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SafeSplash is Making a Big Splash in Franchising! August 31, 2015

SafeSplash has grown from 44 locations at the end of 2014 to 102 locations in 10 states in seven months!  SafeSplash is proud to of our expansion because we are providing more opportunities around the country for children to learn a life skill – water safety.  We have a unique franchise model that allows for franchisee to focus on what they love and do best and that is take care of the customers.  In Lone Tree, CO SafeSplash provides all franchisees a dedicated call center, which supports all locations and all customers with registrations, customer requests, billing, etc.  Click here to check out the recent article in the Denver Business Journal.

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SafeSplash Swim School In The News July 9, 2014


Learning to swim at a young age can prepare your little one to be comfortable in the water and to learn important safety skills! 9 News and SafeSplash Swim School have teamed up once again to feature the benefits of starting swimmers at an early age.

Click here to see the full story!


Register for swim lessons today at for any of our Colorado locations.

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Our Murphy July Swimmer of the Month is working hard and always smiling! Way to go John! July 3, 2014

Swimmer of the Month




John is a hardworking swimmer that smiles all the time!  He is an awesome listener during class and loves diving for rings!! 


John’s family includes his proud parents, Kristi and Michael, and his sister, Sarah.  His hobbies include reading and drawing especially about military history.  John is a Level 3 swimmer and swims twice a week.  The SafeSplash Team is very proud of John and his accomplishments.


Congratulations John!!

Register today at at any of our Texas locations.

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Texas Summer Camps-It’s Not Too Late! June 24, 2014


938227189_safesplash-1988It’s not too late to register your children in swim lessons this summer.  SafeSplash Swim School located in Keller, Castle Hills, and Murphy is now enrolling for Summer Session #2 which begins on July 5th and runs through July 31st.

Summer is an excellent time for the kids to take swim lessons because they can consistently practice their skills while playing in the pool.

SafeSplash started its summer program three years ago.  It is designed for families that want to focus on swim lessons during the summer months.  The program offers 2-3 lessons a week for 4 weeks.  Murphy has a 4 lessons a week option.

A third summer session is planned for Aug. 2-28.  SafeSplash is open year round and also offers a monthly program for families interested in progressing from beginner to advance swim levels.

All three SafeSplash locations are conveniently located in 24 Hour Fitness.  24 Hour Fitness members and non-members are welcome.  For more information about the summer program, visit the location websites:

Keller  Castle Hills Murphy


Keller, TX  ~  Murphy, TX  ~  Lewisville, TX 

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A Special Thank You from Isaac June 9, 2014

Thank you Ms. Lindsay, Bailey & Sarah for making me LOVE to swim!!  I look forward to swimming each week and feel confident in the water!  Bring on the Pool Parties J

Your Buddy – Isaac (age 5)



Register today at at any of our Texas locations.

Keller, TX  ~  Murphy, TX  ~  Lewisville, TX 

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SafeSplash Water Safety Tips April 30, 2014

SafeSplash was recently asked by Colorado Parent Magazine to provide summer water safety tips.  Check out the great article and tips below!





SafeSplash Swim School provided the following tips for water safety:

• Swim in areas supervised by lifeguards

• Always swim with a buddy

• Know before you go — don’t swim in water if you don’t know it is safe.

• Use family rules around water. Kids must ask permission to get in the water or swim. “Mommy are you ready?” Or “1…2…3… jump!”

• Be aware of the too’s: too tired, too cold, too far from safety, too much sun.

• Use adult swims/safety breaks for trips to the bathroom, to get a quick drink of water or a small snack, to apply more sun screen, etc.

• Never leave a child unsupervised. Do not trust a child’s life to another child or to swim aids (floaties).


The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals adds:

• Never play or swim near drains or suction fittings in pools

• Never enter a pool or spa if a suction fitting or drain cover is loose, broken or missing

• Remove toys from in and around the pool when it is not in use

• Learn to swim

• Feet first! Never dive head first in water not intended for head-first diving

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Here’s Lewisville’s June Swimmer of the Month! June 17, 2013

Carter is our June Swimmer of the Month!

Carter is a level 3 swimmer and he has been swimming at SafeSplash for six months. Carter always gives 100%. He tries his best at every lesson and is such a good learner. He has doubled the distance he can swim and all of his strokes have improved. Carter loves swimming and it is so much fun to teach him.

Carter is 6 ½ years old. He will be a first grader at Camey Elementary this fall. His hobbies include swimming, baseball, Legos, and reading.

Carter’s proud parents are Corie and Paul. He also has a brother Chase. Carter’s mom told us his favorite thing to do at SafeSplash is jump into the pool. Congratulations to Carter! We are so proud of all your hard work!

 Check out weekly swim lessons at our Texas locations: Keller ~ Murphy ~ Lewisville

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Check out our Murphy Swimmer of the Month for June!


Zachary is the Murphy Swimmer of the Month for June!  Zachary started as a Level 3 swimmer late last year and is now up to Level 5. He enjoys coming to his lessons so much that he is taking lessons twice a week this summer! Both of his teachers love having him in their class.  

Zachary is a hard worker and rarely misses class. He hopes to stay with us all the way through Level 8. Do we have a future swim team member from SafeSplash in our midst?!  Zachary’s younger brother is also a SafeSplash swimmer.

Keep up the good work Zachary!


 Check out weekly swim lessons at our Texas locations: Keller ~ Murphy ~ Lewisville

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Congrats to our June Swimmer of the Month from Keller, TX!

Brooke is our June Swimmer of the Month!

Brooke is five years old and just completed kindergarten.

She has been swimming twice a week at SafeSplash for the past three months. Brooke has become an amazingly strong swimmer in just a few weeks time. She went from tears to full strokes and has made huge progress! She has an awesome side breath and backstroke!

 Brooke’s hobbies include school, Barbies, riding her bike, playing at the park, gymnastics, putt-putt, and swimming! Elisha & Jason are her proud parents, and she has a brother, Taylor.

 Congratulations to Brooke for being the Swimmer of the Month! Keep up the great work!

Check out weekly swim lessons at our Texas locations: Keller ~ Murphy ~ Lewisville

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