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Friday, November 13, 2015 by Admin

Congratulations Marley – Utah’s August Swimmer of the Month!

Student of the Month: Marley

Miss Jes and Marley

Marley started out this summer as a 2B but quickly moved up all the way to a level 4 with Miss Jes! Marley earned swimmer of the month because she is a dedicated, hard working swimmer. Every week she practices her swimming skills and comes to class excited to show her progress. She never lets any skill get her down. Her positive attitude and love for swimming got her this great award.

Marley’s favorite game to play in the pool is diving for rings and loves diving in from the deep end. Marley loves the “froggy stroke,” aka breast stroke. Pink is her favorite color, as you can tell from her pink swim suit and glittery pink goggles. Marley loves to go swimming and to kyack. Marley has her own kayak and paddle that has glittery fairy dust to help her go fast! Marley wants to grow up to be a geologist like her dad and study her favorite rocks, crystals. Marley wants to give a shout out to her mom and Miss Jes.