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Wednesday, August 02, 2017 by Monica Scrivner

No Clutter Swimming Ribbon Displays

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons. The life of a competitive swimmer includes stacks of ribbons from swim meets. Receiving a prize at the finish is one of the best feelings in the world for a swimmer. It’s also a proud moment for mom and dad. Pictures are posted on social media and dinner at the swimmer’s favorite restaurant is in order. But what do you do with the ribbons after the celebrations are over? Swimmers who start swimming competitively at a young age can collect hundreds of ribbons by the age of 10. Piles of ribbons can be found in every drawer or closet in the house.

Swimming Ribbon Display Ideas

There is no need to let a swimmer’s ribbons (and medals) collect dust. There are hundreds of ways to display and enjoy these moments of joy. One of the simplest ways to is to find a section of the wall in the swimmer’s bedroom. Hammer a few nails in the wall and hang the ribbons stacked one on top of the other to proudly display the swimmer’s accomplishments.

The easiest way to find ideas for displaying ribbons is to do a simple internet search on “ideas for displaying swimming ribbons”. Hundreds of ideas will be returned. You can buy a cute display for the ribbons, or DIY by copying pictures of ideas from social media. You are sure to find an idea to fit your budget and decorating style. 

We encourage SafeSplash Swim School swimmers to display their ribbons as well. Buy a small bulletin board for the swimmer’s room. Hang a ribbon on it each time a new one is earned. This will encourage a sense of pride and accomplishment for hard work.

Don’t let the swimming ribbons become a source of clutter in your home. Find a simple way to display and enjoy them!

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