With over 4 million lessons under our belt, we’ve come to appreciate the value proper swim gear can add to a student’s learning experience. A comfortable student will learn at a faster rate than an uncomfortable one every time. We’ve partnered with Swimtastic® to offer you the most effective swim gear on the market, with the goal of helping each student get the most out of every lesson. Order your favorite combination below!

Swimtastic® Pro-X Swim Goggles
Fog-free polycarbonate lens keep your underwater vision crystal clear regardless of the temperature.
Lenses have UV protection - Great for men, women & kids - Complimentary swim ear plugs included!
swimtastic pro-x swim goggles
buy swimtastic pro-X goggles
Swimtastic® Rec-X Swim Goggles
Polycarbonate goggle lenses are anti-fog & scratch-resistant, providing exceptional visual clarity.
Molded double head strap keeps the goggles in place on your head so they don't come off in the water.
buy swimtastic rec-X goggles
Swimtastic® Youth-X Swim Goggles
Our goggles feature a frustration-free, adjustable strap so kids can adjust them for a perfect fit.
High-quality swimming goggles are made from silicone for optimal comfort with a tight-fitting seal.
swimtastic youth-x swim goggles
buy swimtastic youth-X goggles
Swimtastic® MaxView Swim Goggles
Big lens for optimum visibility, perfect for any fun water activity.
Lens is scratch-resistant & features the best in anti-fog technology for a crystal clear view at all times!
buy swimtastic maxview swim goggles
Swimtastic® Tie Dye Swim Goggles
Adjustable & double-width silicone strap is comfortable all day & prevents head sliding.
Anti fog lenses improve visibility for more safety, awareness & fun at the pool!

buy swimtastic tie dye swim goggles
Swimtastic® Character Swim Goggles
Let your children express their unique style at the pool with Green Frog, Orange Crab, or Blue Fish.
Adjustable child-friendly silicone strap & eye cushions are soft allowing your child to relax & play all day long.
buy swimtastic character swim goggles
Swimtastic® Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap
Tailored with extra room for a comfortable fit.
Ideal for women. Keep your locks dry and tangle-free when in the pool!

buy swimtastic long hair silicone swim cap
Swimtastic® Lycra Swim Cap
Our best Lycra kids & adult swim caps are designed to keep hair off your face while you're swimming.
Stretchy material fits both men & women comfortably - Dries quickly when you get out of the water.
swimtastic lycra swim cap
buy swimtastic lycra swim cap
Swimtastic® Silicone Swim Cap
High-quality silicone swim cap is designed extra large to help keep even long hair dry without pulling.
One size fits all - Great for men, women & kids - Comes in 5 colors to match your swimsuit fashion!
swimtastic silicone swim cap
buy swimtastic silicone swim cap
Swimtastic® Reusable Swim Diapers
100% polyester inner lining is safe, smooth, & non-irritating on your infant or toddler’s skin.
Comfortable fit available in small, medium & large sizes! A convenient choice for children up to 20 months old.
buy swimtastic reusable baby swim diaper
Swimtastic® Kickboard for Boys & Girls
Small board (11" x 17") is light & easily maneuvered by your child.
Easy-grip handles provide exceptional comfort for small hands. Great for kids just learning to swim in the pool!
buy swimtastic kickboard for boys & girls
Swimtastic® Snorkeling Set for Kids
Adjustable head strap and polycarbonate lens for clear views and a comfortable fit!
Strap retainer for securing snorkel to mask. No lost pieces! Great gear for children!

buy swimtastic snorkel set for kids
StayActiveTM 20oz Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle
Incredibly durable Tritan material stands up to your wear & tear under all extreme conditions whether you're a runner or enjoy tennis, team sports, travel, camping, or cycling.
BPA free material won't release harmful chemicals with warm or cold liquids.
buy StayActive sports water bottle leakproof
StayActiveTM Sports Gym Bag Male & Female
Durable nylon gym bag with convenient zippered compartments.
Small enough bag so it stores easily yet large enough for your gear.

gym bag for men or women
buy StayActive gym bag
StayActiveTM Water Purifier Bottle
High-quality stainless steel water purifier bottle eliminates nearly all bacteria.
Purifying bottle comes in red, blue or silver - Blocks harmful UV rays!

water purifier bottle
buy StayActive water purifier bottle

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