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SafeSplash Swim School -
Denver (Park Hill)

4151 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220
(720) 616-6119

Meet the SafeSplash Swim School -
Denver (Park Hill) Team

One of the most important attributes that define us and the quality of service we provide is our team.  Every member of our team is hired because they have a unique set of experiences and skills that make them one of the best at what they do!  That’s why you’ll see our team using #IAmSafeSplashon posts they make on social media.   Simply put, SafeSplash Swim School - Denver (Park Hill)is defined by our people and our team is what drives the premium experience for you and your student.  We urge you to stop in and get to know us all.  We have a fantastic group of friendly faces that are truly the best and brightest from the community.  

Eachone of our swiminstructors iscertified to teach/coachonce they have completed an extensive classroom and in-water training program, a series of instructor shadowing sessions, and in-water instruction testing. In addition, all instructors and staff are CPR certified. All of our team members contribute to ourparent’sblog, which features parenting and family resources, swimmingtips, and personal experiences.  Reading their blog posts is a great way to learn more about the perspectives that each of our instructors brings to the pool.  Each instructor is unique and has a unique perspective on teaching our students, and all are the best in the industry! 

Beloware someof the biographiesof our key instructors and management staff.  You’ll notice that all of us have a story and interesting ties to our neighborhood.   Please don’t hesitate to stop by our school and get to know our staff, any time. 


Director of Operations and Lead trainer , David Langree

David Langree, Director of Operations & Lead Trainer


David grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a result of living in the land of 10,000 lakes (it’s actually a little over 11,000), David has spent most of his life in and around the water.  He began swimming competitively at the age of 8, and started teaching swim lessons over 8 years ago.  David loves having the opportunity to help kids develop an essential life skill, and to share the joys of everyday weightlessness.

Liz Weller, Director of Marketing and Social Media

Liz Weller, Director of Marketing and Social Media

Liz was one of those kids who flat out refused to get out of the pool when it was time to wrap up swimming for the day. She was a competitive swimmer from the age of six through high school graduation. In college, she picked up the bug for SCUBA diving and kayaking. Her pursuit of water activities has taken her all over the world and inspired a deep love for the ocean and sharing her passion with others. She enjoys watching students develop in both confidence and skills by encouraging them to push a little hard each time they get in the water.

Mark Blair, Retail Manager

Mark Blair, Retail Manager

Originally from Kentucky, Mark moved to Denver about a year ago to be with family and explore the mountains. He was on a swim team from the fifth grade through high school. Mark loved the support that came from being part of the swim community. Swimming has helped him develop his sense of structure, discipline, and routine, and it has provided him with mentors throughout his life. He always strives to keep the fun in learning, and he tells his students to pick a stroke and attack it as their special project.

Charlssey Andress, Director of Satisfaction and Staffing Organization

Charlssey "CJ" Andress, Director of Satisfaction & Staffing Organization

Charlssey goes by CJ at SafeSplash. Growing up as an anxious kid, she understand the importance of pushing through anxiety to conquer fears and build confidence. She believes that the more confidence one has, the less anxious one is. Swimming had a large influence on helping her form this belief. Growing up, she was always around the water. She has been working around kids and the water in a variety of ways for the past 10 years. She enjoys helping kids gain confidence as they build skills and teaching them to believe in themselves as they learn an invaluable life skill.

Gwen Lullo

Gwen Lullo

Gwen is from Naperville, IL where she took Childhood Development classes in her high school years. With interest in that field and doing swim lessons as a child herself, she knew becoming a swim instructor was something she was going to enjoy. Gwen has been teaching swim lessons for over 3 years now. She loves to see students growing comfortable in the water as they begin and progressing independently as they go. She believes the benefit of knowing how to swim is not only a survival skill, but that it also provides exercise, social interaction, and all-around fun!

In addition to our team, we work hard to partner and support many other small business operators in our local community.  We believe that supporting local small business in our community is one of the ways we can help our community thrive.  Here are some of the small businesses that we have partnered with over the years.  Please join us in supporting Nuggs Ice Cream, Bloom Portraits, and Songs For Seeds when you have a need for their services, and make sure you mention you are part of the SafeSplashDenver (Park Hill)  family when you do! 

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