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SafeSplash Swim School -
Aurora (Parker & Arapahoe)

15900 E Briarwood Cir, Aurora CO 80016
(303) 854-9053
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Meet the Team at 
SafeSplash Swim School - Aurora (Parker & Arapahoe)

One of the most important attributes that define us and the quality of service we provide is our team.  Every member of our team is hired because they have a unique set of experiences and skills that make them one of the best at what they do!  That’s why you’ll see our team using #IAmSafeSplash on posts they make on social media.  Simply put, SafeSplash Swim School - Aurora (Parker & Arapahoe) is defined by our people and our team is what drives the premium experience for you and your student.  We urge you to stop in and get to know us all.  We have a fantastic group of friendly faces that are truly the best and brightest from the communities of Aurora, Centennial, Stonegate, Dove Valley, Chaparall, Piney Creek, Greenfield, Tuscany, Serenity Ridge, Foxfield, Park Villas, and Meadow Hills.

Each one of our swim instructors is certified to teach/coach once they have completed an extensive classroom and in-water training program, a series of instructor shadowing sessions, and in-water instruction testing. In addition, all instructors and staff are CPR certified.  All of our team members contribute to our parent’s blog, which features parenting and family resources, swimming tips, and personal experiences.  Reading their blog posts is a great way to learn more about the perspectives that each of our instructors brings to the pool.  Each instructor is unique and has a unique perspective on teaching our students, and all are the best in the industry!

Please don’t hesitate to stop by our school and get to know our staff, any time.

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Alison Arnold, General Manager


Hi, my name is Alison Arnold. I am originally from Iowa. I participated in several sports growing up, but soccer was my passion which lead me to college with scholarships. I attended Iowa Central Community College where I graduated in 2014 with my Associates of Arts Degree, with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. I transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I graduated in December of 2017 receiving my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology. I grew up going to my city’s water park every summer, because it was my favorite place to be. As soon as I turned 16 I applied to work at the city’s water park and worked my up from concessions to lifeguard to swim instructor and continued working there from 2010-2017. I am excited to become a part of SafeSplash in my General Manager position here at the Parker and Arapahoe location starting in 2018 and look forward to meeting you all.

The Team!

Instructor Name: Steve Albert 

Teaching Style: Patient and Encouraging

Favorite thing about teaching: Builds self confidence. 

About Me: I'm married with a daughter, two grand kids, and a dog that watches TV. I also love pizza! 


Instructor Name: Sarah Zeray 

Teaching Style: Patient and Free Spirited 

Favorite thing about teaching: Ms. Sarah loves being in the water because it gives her energy, and she loves working with kids! 

About Me: I am in 11th grade and am also in the IB program. I come from a very big family, I have 3 brothers and they help me with developing patience. I am an instructor and a LG with SafeSplash.


Instructor Name: Nikka Yuskevich

Teaching Style: Coaching and Structured 

Favorite thing about teaching: I like to see the satisfaction and excitement on the kids' faces when they learn a new skill. 

About Me: I am 17 years old and a high school student at Cherokee Trail. I have been swimming for 4 years now and am a swim instructor and WAVE coach. A fun fact about me is that I speak Russian fluently. 


Instructor Name: Madison Bahl

Teaching Style: Free Spirited and Coaching

Favorite thing about swimming: I love the water and how you can splash and move through it almost weightlessly. 

About Me: A fun fact about me is that I am an animation major and can make bird sounds with my hands. I am a big advocate of teaching through fun! I find it helps kids to learn more easily and want to continue lessons!


Instructor Name: Yo-Nah Sung

Teaching Style: Patient and Structured

Favorite thing about swimming: Underwater swimming and how light the water feels.

About Me: I am an instructor, LG, and Deck Supervisor with SafeSplash. I love teaching kids how to swim and getting to know them. I like to have fun but still accomplish skills. 


Instructor Name: Paige Meyer

Teaching Style: Structured and Patient

Favorite thing about swimming: Swimming is a great workout and fun at the same time! Teaching gives me time to relax and breathe while doing something I love. I learned to swim at SafeSplash from ages 8-13. I went from a level 2A to WAVE classes. I then joined swim team (JV) in high school. Now I teaching swimming! 

About Me: My 2nd favorite activity next to swimming is playing music. I love to sing and play guitar to all typers of music! 


Instructor Name: Jinah Sung 

Teaching Style: Patient and Encouraging

Favorite thing about swimming: Swimming provides a great full body workout without the unnecessary strain that other aerobic exercises - such as running - puts on the joints, as well as training the lungs for better breath control. It also makes you feel like you're floating. 

About Me: I am 17yrs old and a senior attending Grand View High School. Although I only work as the front desk, I surprisingly also have a background in swimming. 


Instructor Name: Margarita Silva

Teaching Style: Patient and Encouraging 

Favorite thing about swimming: I enjoy swimming laps back and forth until I can't anymore. I swam on my high school team for 4yrs and have been a swim instructor for 3yrs. 

About Me: My favorite superhero is 'Captain America', and my favorite princess is 'Snow White'. I have 1 rabbit, 2 dogs, 3 turtles, and live in a little house with 8 family members.