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SafeSplash Swim School -
Aurora (Town Center)

1450 S Abilene St, Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 854-9061 
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Meet the Team at SafeSplash Swim School -
Aurora (Town Center)!

One of the most important attributes that define us and the quality of service we provide is our team. Every member of our team is hired because they have a unique set of experiences and skills that make them one of the best at what they do! That’s why you’ll see our team using #IAmSafeSplash on posts they make on social media.   Simply put, SafeSplash Swim School - Aurora (Town Center) is defined by our people and our team is what drives the premium experience for you and your student. We urge you to stop in and get to know us all. We have a fantastic group of friendly faces that are truly the best and brightest from the communities of Aurora, Centennial, Denver and Green Valley Ranch.

Each one of our swim instructors is certified to teach/coach once they have completed an extensive classroom and in-water training program, a series of instructor shadowing sessions, and in-water instruction testing. In addition, all instructors and staff are CPR certified. All of our team members contribute to our parent’s blog, which features parenting and family resources, swimming tips, and personal experiences. Reading their blog posts is a great way to learn more about the perspectives that each of our instructors brings to the pool. Each instructor is unique and has a unique perspective on teaching our students, and all are the best in the industry!

Below are some of the biographies of our key instructors and management staff. You’ll notice that all of us have a story and interesting ties to our neighborhood.   Please don’t hesitate to stop by our school and get to know our staff, any time.

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Mariah Holdridge, MoD

(303) 854-9061

Hi SafeSplash Familes!

I am the manager here at the Town Center location. I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, and I have loved the water my entire life. I started swimming lessons myself when I was 6 months old and since then I have never been away from the swimming pool. I have been with SafeSplash for a couple of years now, and my passion for swimming grows more and more everyday. My favorite thing to do outside of swimming is hiking and adventures with my puppy, Jax. 

I am very excited to be here at the Town Center location, and I can't wait to see everyone. Let's have an amazing swim year!