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Where Do You Sit as a Leader?  Leadership and Managing a Company’s Culture

3/19/16 8:40 AM

Culture fascinates me.  I’ve always had an overwhelming curiosity to understand the culture that is the basis of groups.  Culture binds people.  Countries have a culture, groups of like-minded people have a culture, almost everything has a culture...even groups of bowlers have a culture.  Culture drives groups to behave in specific and often predictable ways.  Companies have a culture. 

Corporate culture is hard to create and even harder to manage.  A leader needs to manage a company’s culture carefully and with intent.

In Japanese business, culture dictates that the senior leader in the room sits furthest from the door in a meeting room. 

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5 Indicators That Your Business is Leading

3/18/16 7:31 PM

Early in my career, I was told that sales is a game where it is easy to keep score.  There is no hiding…the customer either buys or doesn’t buy.  While this is true in sales, it is a bit harder to know where you stand with respect to competition as you are running a business from a general management perspective, especially in industries where there is imperfect information. 

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