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Franchising with SafeSplash

Entrepreneurs, Mavericks, Freedom, and Risk

3/17/16 10:42 PM

It is a lot of fun to be an entrepreneur.  It is incredibly rewarding.  It is exciting.  It is a chance to chart your own course.  It is an opportunity to build a legacy for and your family.  It is a personal challenge.  It is an opportunity to create real wealth.  It is a learning opportunity.

But from my perspective, the best thing about being an entrepreneur is freedom, one of the most innate sources of satisfaction that we have as humans.

I was talking to one of our franchisees last night over dinner.  He is both a franchisee of SafeSplash and a franchisee of a trampoline concept.  Prior to becoming a franchisee, he was deeply involved with corporate strategy at Intel (the technology company).  He is an incredibly smart and accomplished guy…someone I have a lot of respect for.  Growing up in the high tech industry myself, we got talking about career choices and what we both thought about leaving high paying careers in technology to become entrepreneurs.  I asked him if he’s happy with his choice to leave the “corporate” world.  His response was, “Matt, I’ll never go back to that.  I can’t.  The freedom and fulfillment I have as an entrepreneur/franchisee and is incomparable.  Even if they begged me to come back, I don’t think I could.  I’d choke.”  I couldn’t agree more.

That said, there are many different ways to become an entrepreneur, but to me, the choices can be characterized by one’s tolerance for risk and the concept of buying vs. building.

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Perfect Assets...5 Reasons To Invest In A Franchise Concept

3/17/16 10:14 PM

Own assets that appreciate, rent assets that depreciate is a financial concept that we have heard often from “experts” throughout our lives.  But there is an inherent fallacy in this guidance...this advice leaves out an important concept that is critical to those that seek to build significant wealth.  A slight, but important, modification to this phrase makes it much more wealth oriented:  Own assets that appreciate and generate cash flow, rent assets that don’tI consider assets that fit this category, “perfect assets” and when I find one like this, priced right, I work hard to buy it as fast as I can, because they are rare.  Assets that typically fit this category more often than not are privately owned businesses.  The problem is that

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What Franchise Segments Are Best for Me?

3/7/16 7:37 PM

Franchising is an interesting business model, someone out there created a business and replicated it, then they decided to share that business with others.  The early days of large brands all have an interesting story and date back to the 1950’s, brands such as McDonald’s, Subway, Holiday Inn and other similar household names.  They paved the way for me to start my franchise career in the 1990’s and help fuel the passion I have to create a lifetime career in the field.

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What to Look for in Buying a Franchise

2/24/16 1:02 PM

I have had a long franchising career and have been around a lot of Franchisor’s.  When I left Camp Bow Wow, the largest Franchisor of Doggy Day Care and Boarding facilities in North America in 2014, I set out to only work with the best of the best in the service industry.  I have always loved helping people and wanted to continue on the path of finding passionate and successful franchisees for brands I cared just as much about as Camp Bow Wow.  The moment I met the co-founders of SafeSplash Swim Schools through a mutual franchise associate, I knew I had found my next big passion.

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