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Five Tips to Embracing Change in the Workplace:

May 26, 2016 8:30:56 AM

Change is inevitable, especially in the workplace. Acknowledging that fact and embracing it will help you learn to become a better, more adaptable employee when staring change in the face.  The SafeSplash Brand has seen a lot of growth in the past year, so we are learning a lot about how to handle change! Read on for our top five tips:

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SafeSplash and My Personal Mission

May 19, 2016 1:24:18 PM

My first introduction to SafeSplash was as a customer. I registered my one-year-old daughter in the Parent N Me class back in January. It was important to me to start her in swimming as early as possible so she would feel safe and comfortable in and around water and eventually learn to swim. This was before I knew that my neighbor worked here, before I knew how large the company actually was, and especially that there was a job here for me.

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Why I Love Working at SafeSplash

May 19, 2016 1:18:46 PM

Have you ever worked at a company where you felt like everything was the same day in and day out with no signs of getting out alive? Rather than an actual career, your days more often resembled scenes from Office Space.

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8 Reasons Our Management Team is Dominated by Women

May 19, 2016 1:10:18 PM

I’m the CEO of a consumer retail brand group, and I’m a big believer that customer intimacy is at the heart of every successful consumer brand. One of the important parts of my job is to set a strategy for the company that gets us as close to our customer as we possibly can be.  Deeply understanding your customer is one key to building long-standing customer relationships, as well as a strong and lasting brand reputation to driving long term success.  I’m also a believer in diversity of teams in the workplace.  I believe diversity of perspective will almost always result in solutions or strategies that are significantly better than what would result from a homogenous team.

It struck me last week that if I value diversity so much, then why is our company’s management dominated by women?  When I say “dominated,” I really mean dominated.  95% of the managers in the company are women.

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