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Saturday, November 10, 2018 by Dulcie Canales

Why It’s Important to Keep Kids Swimming During the Fall/Winter!

With outdoor pools closing and the weather outside getting chilly, it's understandable why many would think the swimming season was over until next year, but that would be where you are wrong!

Here are 3 reasons why it is important to keep swim lessons on your child’s fall/winter calendar:

Keep Swimming!

#1.  Keep your child active and healthy - Swim lessons during the fall/winter helps fight “cabin fever” and “the winter blues” for our little ones.  Face it, rain and cold temperatures can be a total drag keeping us cooped up inside.  The cold/wet weather doesn’t necessarily make for a fun recess or playtime for our kids while they are at school either.  For many of our kiddos the colder weather means more “couch time” and less physical activity.  So, the best way to keep our littles ones happy and healthy during the winter is to keep them SWIMMING😊!  Swimming is not only GREAT exercise for our kids, but jumping in a warm pool is definitely something to SMILE about after a long cold/dark day at school😊!


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#2.  Improve your kiddos Socialization - Fun with friends doesn’t have to stop because of cold/wet weather!  During the fall/winter kids spend a lot more time indoors.  Consequently, they are not getting the same amount of face and social time with their friends as they do during the warmer months.  This can be to your child’s detriment as socializing is key to their development.  Our group swim lessons enforce socialization and fun healthy activities for our kiddos!  They get to learn and interact with peers while having a lot of fun in the process!

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#3.  Improve your child’s ability to fight winter infections – Because colds are caused by viruses your child will not catch a cold from being cold and wet after swim lessons.  While that wet hair might feel a little chilly walking to the car, it’s nothing to worry about!  What parents should be worried about is the cold dry winter air.  Cold, dry, winter air can dry out the mucus lining of your child’s nasal passages, making it easier for viruses to get in and make your child sick.  Our indoor pools are filled with plenty of warm, humid air – not unlike the air humidifiers produce at home.  Additionally, the exercise your kiddo gets from swimming will boost the performance of their immune systems making their systems more prepared to ward off those winter bacterial and viral infections. 


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So, grab your coat and your swimsuit and head to SafeSplash San Antonio for your warm water swim lesson this fall/winter!

Call 844-KID-SWIM to get your child in fall/winter swim lesson today!

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Dulcie and her husband Robert own, operate, and teach at SafeSplash locations in the San Antonio, TX area.