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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 by Brooke Jones

What is the Best Thing About Being a Mom?

"It is hard to put into words what I love about being a mom besides everything. I was a young woman who never wanted children . . . at least not children of my own. When I met Scott, we married quickly - one week from first kiss to engagement.  We were married three months later. Scott had two children, age 6, twins and I loved them from first sight. They were my children. Ten years after we were married and many conversations later; we joke that Scott talked me into having a child of our own. It was not something I ever wanted or thought I would really enjoy or be very good at. I thank God every day I didn’t miss this miraculous opportunity. EVERY DAY I am grateful for Keaton! He makes me laugh and fills me up with love in a way I never knew possible. He is an extension of us and I love watching him every day explore the world, become sarcastic, say things like “dude”, smile and laugh, get frustrated, be helpful and kind and the list goes on and on! It is truly the most amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world!"

     ~ Tracey Ray, Franchise Owner, Colorado Springs locations



"Tough Question!

I would say the thing I love most about being a mom is Jenn_on_beach.jpg the unconditional love that your child has for you and that you have for your child. I did not know my heart had the capacity to love something as much as I love Lincoln. He filled a void in my heart that I never knew was missing until he came. Watching him grow and learn each day brings my heart more joy than I thought possible. The smallest things they do bring you so much joy to see them growing and learning, every stage they go through even the challenging ones at their most trying times are rewarding."

            ~ Jenn Morris Director of Franchise Relationships



"I am the mom to 10 year old triplet boys and love the joy and adventure they bring into our lives.  I learn from them every day and enjoy helping them learn about the world around them.  There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom!"

     ~ Rachel Newmark, Franchise Owner



"I LOVE being a Mom! I have two children, Teagan (7) and Gavin (4).  Being a Mom is the most life fulfilling job I have ever had.  While some days might be stressful and challenging, the outcome of those days make you into a stronger and better Mom.  What else is there in life that Mommy_TG.jpgallows you to mold and shape another human being into their best every day?  When I walk through the door at night I get to hear those feet running towards the door while screams of MOMMY fill the house.  Then there are the hugs, oh the hugs are the best!  But what I love the most about being a Mom is to look into those eyes and see there is no judgement, just pure LOVE.  The love you receive from your kids makes it the best job on earth.  I have two little people that don’t care if I make mistakes, they don’t care if I have a bad day, they don’t care if I am not at my best; they just love me unconditionally."

     ~ Heidi Adderly, General Manager at Aurora/Southlands Mall



"I love so many things about being a mom! Seeing my kim.jpgdaughter’s smile when she’s happy, comforting her when she’s not. Seeing the special bond she has with her dad. Teaching her something new, and watching her learn from her teachers. Playing with her outside and exploring new places. Being a mom also helps me prioritize what is important and not important to include in my life – family has gone straight to the top of the list! Being a mom is a privilege that I don’t take for granted, being able to imprint on a tiny person what you want to see in the world, and hoping that you made some small difference in your child that will help make the world a better place."

   ~ Kim Shepheard, Director of Marketing



"I’m blessed to have three wonderful children who continuallyTara_and_Family.jpg make me proud beyond description -- but of course, I’m biased!  Being a mom has without a doubt afforded me some of life’s most rewarding and memorable experiences.  As said in the following quote:


Without my kids, tomorrow wouldn’t be worth the wait
and yesterday wouldn’t be worth remembering.”


   ~ Tara Dome, Accounting    



"I LOVE that I truly know what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE feels like!Lina.jpg You go through life thinking you know what unconditional love feels is through your parents, family, and other relationships. But NOTHING compares to the INSTANT love you feel once you give birth to your children. Becoming a parent is the one thing in my life that I am proudest of and know that I was meant to do! When you are a parent, your mindset changes from what do I want for myself to what do I want for my children? Your focus and motivation shifts to them! All that I do is for my son and I would never change that! Dominic, mama loves you to the moon and back FOREVER!"

     ~ Angelina Martinez, Billing Department Manager



"In April of 2009 I was given the most precious gift of all, my first born son Affan. After going through 48 hours of excruciating labor and a pretty scary C-section, I had my beautiful baby boy in my arms. The moment I heard him cry for the very first time, despite all the pain I was in after the ordeal of child birth, I wanted to do everything in my possible power to soothe and calm my child. That moment is when I first realized that from this point forward, I will always be putting the needs of my child before mine.

Soon enough, in 2011 we were blessed again with another beautiful baby boy, Arsal. Now, as a mother of two sons, there is absolutely nothing in this world that gives me more joy then seeing my two boys smile and laugh. When you ask, what I love most about being a mom? I say EVERYTHING!

The most cliché way to put this would be, I love my boys so much so that it hurts! I love them when they are silly and when they are witty! I love their kisses and hugs, over and over and then one last one! I love when they eat something I cooked, with a big smile and say YUMMY! I love how with their small hands and a big heart they can say the perfect thing at the perfect time such as "I LOVE YOU MOM!" They make the best paintings, color the perfect pictures, just to show them to me! I love how they look for words of encouragement from me and dad as they learn and grow! I simply love being able to be silly with them!

One day I hope to see them as confident young men, ready to take on this world but somewhere in their hearts they will always know that they are mamas’ little boys! (And yes daddy’s too!)

     ~ Nida Imam, Owner/General Manager,  Michigan locations



"Being able to act like a kid again, and what I mean by that cindy.jpgis playing with them on the floor or going to the park and play so hard that we all need showers afterwards.

I also love watching them figure things out on their own, things as simple as zipping up their coat or learning how to ride their bikes. The pride that comes with being a mom.


     ~ Cindy Novy, Franchise Relationship Manager




I have been many things in my life … daughter, sister, wife, teacher, mom, and now Nana. 

I always wanted to be a mom. I was thrilled when our first son was born. I was also scared, worried, sleep deprived, humbled, and overwhelmed. 

But, love and joy overcame all of that and was only magnified with the arrival of our second and third son. 

Today I am blessed to be able to watch our “boys” become accomplished, successful people who understand that what really matters in life is honesty and integrity. I am honored to learn things from them everyday. 

And now I am Nana! It is the most amazing thing. Being Nana lets me enjoy all the best parts of being a Mom without the daily pressures and stresses. I get to give and receive unconditional love from these little people in whom I see parts of the sons I adore. Once again I am humbled and overwhelmed … not with stress or sleep deprivation, but with the knowledge and understanding that my job is not done and that I must work to be the best Nana I can possibly be. My Grandkids deserve nothing less! 

     ~ Trudy Lane, Mother of SafeSplash founder, Matt Lane


Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there, we appreciate you!


Tell us what YOU love most about being a mom in the comment section below.