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Why My Daughter Attends SafeSplash Swim School

February 13, 2016

I come from a family of swimmers. Not professional swimmers, mind you, but we can all at least float and get from point A to point B in the water. My brother, cousins and I were all taught how important it is to know how to swim from an early age. For your health. For survival. For fun. All of us grew up hearing the story of how my grandfather swam the widest part of the Hudson River near Haverstraw, New York, as did his sister Florence, apparently setting a record at the time. That is about three and a half miles wide. (I cannot verify the record, but it always sounded good.)

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Are Swimming Lessons More Than Just Learning to Swim?

December 09, 2015

Learning to swim is a defining experience in a child’s life, an experience that creates lasting memories similar to learning to ride a bike.  But unlike riding a bike, swimming is also important to your child’s safety and development. Swimming is a life skill.  When your child is in the water with our SafeSplash Certified Instructors, splashing along with their friends, swimming isn’t the only skill they are learning.  They are also learning skills that help them float through the transitional stages in childhood development.  Here are a few ways swimming lessons help your child through those stages:

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SafeSplash makes Wednesday Dhriti’s favorite day of the week! Congrats to our Lewisville, Texas Swimmer of the Month!

May 13, 2014

Swimmer of the Month


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Awesome article on our new SafeSplash Denver, Park Hill location !!

February 19, 2014

Click here to see an awesome article on our new Denver swim school!

Denver Swim School

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Swimmer of the Month-June

June 01, 2010

SafeSplash would like to introduce our June swimmer of the Month, Ms. Cailee! Ms. Jenn, Cailee swim instructor, is so impressed with her. Ms. Jenn stated, Cailee is a very motivated swimmer, although when she first started she was very timid. Swimming by herself was very frightening to her, but no matter how scared she was, she was always willing to try it. Through persistence and lots of practice Cailee is now able to swim the length of the pool with both freestyle and backstroke! She is now working on her flip turns and starts. Cailee is blossoming as a swimmer and will be able to try out for a swim team! Cailee is full of confidence and has a positive attitude towards all the skills she has learned or learning. We are all so proud of Cailee and we look forward to continually watching her grow as a swimmer. Way to go Cailee!

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