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The Evolution of Father's Day Celebration

June 19, 2016

Every year, Father’s Day seem to sneak up silently until about 3 days before that June Sunday and it doesn’t seem to matter if your kids are 2, 5, or 25. Father’s Day is on the calendar, it’s cool, it’s fun, but Mother’s Day is the big event and Moms deserve and get the attention they should. That’s great and as it should be, but I think that has a small influence on how Father’s Day occurs as a somewhat lesser event in the grand scheme of things. But let’s focus on Father’s Day.

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Don't Worry, Your Kid is Normal

June 18, 2016

I often get parents who ask me what’s wrong with their student and seem embarrassed about their child’s progress in the water. “Is she supposed to slap the water?” or “Why do his legs look like that?” and we hate “If you can’t stop moving and sit there and listen to your instructor we are never coming back!”.

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Why I Love Crawfish Boils

June 13, 2016

Growing up in Louisiana, you get used to a spring culinary staple, crawfish.  Eating crawfish in Louisiana is equivalent to lobster in Maine, or cheese steak in Philadelphia.  The great thing about eating crawfish is that it is typically a social activity.  You do not see many people picking up crawfish to go, and eating it in front of the television.  A crawfish boil brings people together, whether it is to celebrate a special event, or a casual Sunday afternoon.  My favorite thing about attending crawfish boils is the family and friend bonding.  The last boil I attended lasted over 5 hours, where we ate, drank, our children played, and we enjoyed the great outdoors and each others company.  Crawfish boils are more than just a great meal; they are a reason to bring your family and friends together, and to take time out of our busy schedules to just enjoy each other. 

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I've Grown Up Around the Water...

June 11, 2016

"I've grown up around the water." A term I've heard thrown around a lot in my life by friends, family, acquaintances. Of course, all referring to the idea that they spent so much time on the river, or a lake, or the ocean (especially my Californian friends). Yet when I utter this phrase, I am referring to my connected, almost familial relationship to the pool 

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Dave Lewis Promotes SafeSplash at the Boulder Boulder

June 10, 2016

Dave Lewis, avid runner and friend of Franchisee Rick Wyatt
 recently ran in the Boulder Boulder marathon this past Memorial Day. Dave excitedly donned SafeSplash apparel during his run alongside 52,015 participants and over 7,000 spectators. Here is a little about Dave and his insite to the world of marathon running.

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