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Thursday, March 10, 2016 by Brooke Jones

Spring Activities For Kids

When I was a preschool teacher some of the best activities were during Spring time. With the changing of the weather the kids were able to spend more time outside which we took full advantage of. Not only were they able to run around to get rid of lots of energy, but things were also changing all around them. Flowers start to bloom and grass starts to grow. Bugs appear from hiding and birds are out and about building their nests. You can feel the sunshine on your skin and the breeze on your face and everywhere you look, the colors are becoming more vibrant and things are starting to become alive. Just being outside provides so many teaching opportunities to take advantage of.

Another reason why Spring time activities are great is because you can do them in your own back yard, the park or on family vacations. Here are some of my favorite activities you can do with your kids this Spring! Click on the image for more detailed info from our Science and Craft Pinterest Boards!


  • Nature Hunt Bingo: Nature_Hunt_Bingo.jpgWhether you are playing in your back yard, taking a walk or on Spring Break this is a fun, easy activity for your little explorers. All you need is the Nature Hunt print out (downloadable below), a crayon or marker to cross items off your board and for extra fun, a magnifying glass! See how many items you can cross off your board and ask your child question like; how many spots does the lady bug have? What color is that flower? How many clouds do you see? Maybe the winner gets to choose the next fun activity or a fun family treat.
  • Pinecone Bird Feeder: PIne_Cone_Pin_It.jpgThis was always one of my favorites! I mean, come on, everything is more fun when getting a little messy is involved! This is also a great way to teach kids about birds, what they eat and where/how they get their food. Collecting your own pinecones is a great way to talk about what they are and where they come from. It’s also pretty cool to place your homemade bird feeder in front of your kitchen window and watch the birds come by for a tasty treat. If you have any peanut allergies in your house, don’t worry, there are other peanut free options available to use as well and the birds don’t seem to know the difference!
  • Color Changing Flowers:flower_experiment_Pin_it.jpg
    This experiment is almost like magic! It’s also a great way to incorporate some science into your Spring activities. I found that white carnations and daisies work the best and the more food coloring you use the better. Depending on their age, your children can help with the preparation as well. This is a great opportunity to discuss how flowers thrive and why they change colors.
  • dragon_Cloud.jpgCloud Watching: This is by far my very favorite activity to do with kids! Children have amazing imaginations, they see the world through a whole different set of eyes and it’s worth every second to lay down on a patch of grass and see the world as they do. Point out different clouds and ask them what they see. Sometimes a whole scene will unfold right there in the sky. Find an airplane and discuss where they are going, and what will the passengers be dong when they arrive. Don’t be surprised if most destinations end at Disney World! This is a fun, free activity that gives your child the opportunity to use their wildest imagination and also allows you to let your guard down and remember what it’s like to be as free as a child.

There are so many amazing activities you can do with your kids during these upcoming months. Every day provides some sort of learning opportunity whether it’s an organized craft, a science experiment, or simply exploring the world around you. If you have any great craft ideas or science experiments, please share them in the comment section below and check out our Pinterest boards for more fun ideas!


Get your own Nature Hunt Bingo!